PS5 Probably Won’t Outpower Most Gaming PCs – Quantum Error Developer

“PCs, because of the customizability, will probably always be more powerful,” say the developers of the upcoming horror game.

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While the PS4 and Xbox One were obviously a leap over their predecessors, even at the time that they launched, they were very close to being outdated in terms of specs and hardware, especially when compared to gaming PCs. With the PS5 and the Xbox Series X though, things are looking different, and both Sony and Microsoft are promising truly impressive machines that can deliver high fidelity experiences unlike anything the console gaming space has seen so far.

But is it possible that the unthinkable might soon be a reality, and next-gen consoles could actually stand toe-to-toe with – or perhaps even outmatch – most gaming PCs? According to Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones of TeamKill Media – developers of the upcoming PS4 and PS5 cosmic horror first person shooter Quantum Error – that’s probably not going to be the case.

Speaking with GamingBolt, they said that simply because of how customizable PCs are and how quickly technology is always growing, gaming PCs are likely always going to be ahead of the curve, even if that leads to diminishing returns.

“No probably not. Technology changes so fast everyday,” they told GamingBolt. “PCs, because of the customizability, will probably always be more powerful. Now, that does have a diminishing return however with gaming. My example would be, a workstation computer setup: it can be the most powerful thing in the world with multiple Quadro based cards, for rendering and the such but, that doesn’t make it perform better than the gaming PC with a GTX1080.”

The TeamKill devs also spoke to us about what is probably the PS5’s most impressive aspect- the solid state drive. According to them, players can expect various improvements thanks to the SSD, including elimination of loading times, hidden in-game load screens, texture pop in, and more.

“I think the big thing with SSDs this fast is the ways things are loaded and unload in a game will be handled differently,” they said. “With speed like this loading screens can be eliminated, loading in areas won’t need to be hidden behind lengthy paths or elevator rides etc. Texture pop in gone. Devs won’t need to spend the time hiding things as a result of slow hard drive speeds anymore.”

TeamKill Media have been talked a bit about how they’re planning to leverage the PS5’s hardware for Quantum Error – the game is confirmed to be targeting 4K and 60 FPS, for instance – so it’ll be interesting to see how it does that while also having to run on a PS4.

Our full interview with TeamKill will be live soon, so stay tuned for that.

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