PSN Network Issues All For Free, Xbox Live, No Issues At $60 A Year and Hilter Just Found Out

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Now first off I AM NOT STARTING A CONSOLE WAR HERE.  Sony has also chosen to take down the Playstation Network because of people personal information being compromised, so do keep in mind that the hackers are not keeping PSN offline.. well directly that is, but indirectly… it’s all their damn fault.  Now lets get down to it, as the Playstation Network is having serious issues and in-case you have forgotten let us run down the list.  Before we do though, I regret to inform you that Hitler just found out about PSN being down, watch the video below.

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– PSN is down meaning no online gaming
– PSN Users are reporting hundreds of dollars stolen from them
– Sony is being forced to reconstruct the entire Playstation Network because of this hack into the PSN System.
– PSN Users have even reported their linked g-mail accounts had been compromised.
– The hackers seem to have no vendetta, they are just bored and taking advantage of what they can do, as you can view their conversations with each other here.
– Sony cannot even find the hackers that caused this.
– All Playstation Store Update, Home Updates, New games that are coming out have all been put on hold because of this.
– There is no telling when the service will be back up and running smoothly.
– Will you trust Sony again with your personal information now that it might be n the hands of hackers.

Alright now I am not saying this could not happen to Xbox Live for the Xbox 360, but the monthly, yearly or whatever fee you pay to have an Xbox Live online Gold Account protects you and your information while keeping things secure, which is what Sony promised for free then adding Playstation Plus as an additional fee which you can see does not add any additional support or safeguard for your PSN.  Now the recently ten dollars a year that was upped for Xbox Live Gold in my opinion is well worth it.  So the $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold goes to employees making sure nothing like this happens with Xbox Live.  I’m not saying that the Xbox 360 is fool proof and certainly can’t agree with some of the prices of other Xbox Live Marketplace items but am happy to pay $60 a year to play online as well as have access to the Xbox Live Marketplace at all the times.

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