ReCore Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about ReCore.

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ReCore Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game



Comcept, Armature Studios

Xbox One


Release Date:2016

ReCore is an action-adventure game that is being produced by Comcept, Armature Studios and Microsoft and it will appear exclusively on the Xbox One. The game is being produced by Keiji Inafune who is the man behind the much-beloved Mega Man series and has also had a hand in the Resident Evil and the first two Dead Rising games. Also a veteran of video games, but untested on the current generation, Mark Pacini is directing ReCore. He is best known for his work on the Metroid Prime series.

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ReCore was first revealed with a video at E3 2015. The game is being made exclusively for the Xbox One, though there were rumors at one time that the title might eventually make it to PC. This was because of stated goals by Microsoft to offer as many as it’s Xbox One games as it can on Windows 10. At the same event it was announced that Comcept, was partnering with Armature in order to create the game for Microsoft.

In early September it was announced that Joe Staten was hired by Microsoft as a “senior creative director.” Staten is best known as a writer on Destiny and Microsoft said that he will be helping out the development team of ReCore as well as other big projects that are being created exclusively for the Xbox One. The music for the game is being put together by someone who also has an impressive resume when it comes to the video game industry.

At the end of the reveal trailer, Microsoft acknowledged that they expect to be able to launch ReCore in the spring of 2016. There have been no other details shared about a release date for the game.


recore xbox one

The story of ReCore takes place in a post apocalyptic period. The reveal trailer shows off a young woman named Joule who is trudging through the wastelands on a nearly deserted planet (it is not clear if this is supposed to be Earth or another planet entirely). As one of the last human beings left alive, she is constantly on the hunt for parts and supplies. In the reveal trailer, Joule is joined by a small robot that looks like a dog named Mack which aids her in getting along through the rough terrain. The developers have said that most of the planet is controlled by robotic enemies that are bent on wiping out the rest of the human race. The people who are putting the game together say that the only way you will be able to survive is by teaming up with robotic creatures like the dog who will serve as your companions. Mack is a member of a robot faction of which there are a few others in the world that want to help Joule and the last remaining humans survive against the robot faction that wants them wiped out.

The trailer shows a fight between Joule and the dog with some spider-like robotic creatures. When the dog becomes overwhelmed, the girl takes the what appears to be a power-core from the dog body and puts it into a robot that looks like some sort of a gorilla. The gorilla then helps the girl continue on in her mission. It’s unclear how many of these robots the girl will be able to befriend, or whether or not they will all be using the same core. It’s not clear beyond that battle what kind of other obstacles will be found along the way or whether the girl ever interacts with other people.



ReCore is an action adventure game that uses a third person perspective. There is not much known about the gameplay beyond the setting, which is in the distant future. While footage of the game shows the main character taking the core out of one robot and putting it into another, it is unknown whether this will have any sort of puzzle aspect where certain cores will only work in certain robots, or whether any core will be interchangeable with any friendly robots the girl meets during her travels.

The development team has said that the environment in which the game takes place will shift and change depending on the weather. In particular, the maps the game is played on will be drastically changed after a large sandstorm. Sometimes an area the player was aiming for will be blocked off. At other times something might be revealed that was completely unseen before the storm hit the area. It isn’t known if the robotic companions can be controlled, or whether they operate entirely independent of Joule.



Joule is the main character of the game and she is also described as being one of the last human beings left on this planet. While the developers have said that she is “alone” it’s not known if there will be other human NPCs that Joule will meet as she goes about her travels. The other main character is a robotic dog named Mack. Mack is part of a faction of friendly robots but it is not known whether other robots make an appearance or whether Mack is just transferred from one body to another.

There are enemy robots that are shown to have an appearance of a spider in the reveal trailer. Other enemy robots have been mentioned in promotional material but what they are is not yet known.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game

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