Red Dead Online Guide – How To Get Ability Cards, And Understanding The Parley and Feud system

Ranking up, and anti griefing, in Red Dead Online.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Online is basically an MMO, but like all online games, it has some built in anti griefing mechanisms. Like any good MMO, it also has ways for you to grow and develop your character further than what you start out as. In this guide we deal with both of those things.


One of the best mechanics in Red Dead Online is feud and parley. Basically, when you or a player end up killing one another a number of times in a row, the game gives the victim the option either to Parley or to Feud.

  • Parleying is pretty simple: you and the other player are forced to talk. No, really. For 10 minutes, you’re locked with each other and you have to talk it out. Apologize, taunt each other, do whatever. You’re meant to work out whatever is causing you to be hostile to each other.
  • Feuding requires both players to accept, and basically forces you into a gunfight (with respawns on), while you go at it with one another. It’s a pretty neat way to let some steam off.


Ability Cards must be purchased from the main menu. Once you purchase them, you can slot them into your Ability Card loadout. Ability Cards can be passive, meaning they give you general perks and bonuses, or they can be active, meaning they kick in when you do a certain thing (for example, a DeadEye Active Ability Card will only kick in when you enable DeadEye).

Once you level up, you get the ability to equip more Ability Cards, so it’s not just a question of buying them, you do need to grow your character to be able to equip some of the higher tier cards as well.

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