Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide: How To Find The Best Horse And Hidden Weapon Locations

Finding the best weapons and horses in the game.

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of horses and a lot of weapons you can find for yourself. However, given that this is a modern AAA game, there are obviously RPG elements at play here, and some are better than others. In this guide, we talk about finding some of the best ones of each.


  • Rare Rolling Block Rifle: Pick it up from the sniper in the back of the barn in the mission Magicians for Sport
  • Otis Miller’s Revolver: This can be found in Rattlesnake Hollow, which is a cave by the north border of Cholla Springs
  • Algernon’s Revolver: Complete The Side Quest “Duchesses and other Animals”
  • Granger’s Revolver: You need to beat Gunslinger Granger to get this
  • Midnight’s Pistol: You need to beat Billy Midnight to get this
  • Calloway’s Revolver: Pick it up from the ground after beating Slim Grant in the quest the “Noblest of Men”. If you do not, it will disappear forever.
  • Flaco’s Revolver: Beat Gunslinger Flaco
  • Rare Double Barrel Shotgun: Set a waypoint right below the letter “a” where “Manito Glade” shows up on your map. There will be a house here, where you need to kill a man. You can loot this from him when you do
  • Viking Hatchet: Find this in the Old Tomb
  • Broken Pirate Sword: Found in the shipwreck of the pirate ship by the islands south-west of Saint Denis
  • Ancient Tomahawk: Found in northeast Calumet Ravine
  • Hunter Hatchet: Set a marker below “K” in Window Rock, break into the house, beat the man, and get this weapon


There’s a lot of great horses in the game, some gated by story progress, some only available if you pre-ordered the game, and so on. However, arguably the best one is one you can get for yourself at any point, just by roaming around in the world. This section of the guide deals with that:

  • Go towards Lake Isabella. It’s a snowy area, and the horse is white, so it will be hard to see it right away, keep that in mind
  • Once you see it, Focus on the horse and walk towards it slowly
  • Pay attention to the meter on the bottom right—if it is about to get full, stop walking and wait for it to go back down
  • Once you’re close enough, press X/Square to calm the horse down
  • Mount it. The horse will try to buck you off, so hold on to it tightly pressing the analog stick in the opposite direction of where the horse is moving
  • Once this has happened, move around with it until the game tells you you have broken it in
  • Once this happens, you can put your saddle on it. Congrats, the horse is now yours!

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