Remedy Addresses Control’s Similarities With Quantum Break, Won’t Have Live Action Storytelling

Remedy discusses all the ways Control will differ from Quantum Break.

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Remedy announced their new game at E3 this year- Control, a new third person shooter from the developer, which seems to bear, at least visually, more than a striking resemblance to Quantum Break, Remedy’s time manipulating third person shooter that launched for the Xbox One back in 2016. Speaking to GamingBolt at E3, Remedy addressed these visual similarities.

“It’s the same engine, same people. So it’s going to have some similarities, but they’re very, very different,” said Thomas Puha, Head of Communications at Remedy. “Quantum Break was very linear, and Control is a lot more open ended. It’s a lot darker. Our art direction is complete different from Quantum Break. I mean, yes, they’re third-person, and, yes, there’s powers and abilities in both games, but rest assured, they’re very different.”

Remedy also discussed whether or not the upcoming game would attempt something similar to the integrated episodic TV storytelling approach with the new game- the answer is no. Instead, Remedy will attempt to go for a more open style, gameplay driven experience with Control.

“Control‘s a very different game. No, in short. In Quantum Break, the game and what we did in the game affects the show, which was pretty incredible that we were able to pull that off. But now we’re a lot more focused and making a very gameplay-driven experience, telling what’s happened in lots of different ways. You saw a little bit of the superimposed live action in the closed-doors demo. There’s lots of tricks we’re doing. It’s a lot more gameplay driven, so there should be a lot less interruption. Players can play the game at their own pace. That’s really important for us,” Puha said.

Which makes sense- I think that after having made multiple linear story driven adventures from Max Payne to Alan Wake to Quantum Break, Remedy were due to try something new. And sure, Control looks similar to Quantum Break, but in terms of the actual gameplay, it looks different than their previous stuff- let’s see how it plays once it launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year.

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