Remnant From the Ashes Guide – All Armor Sets, Locations and Perks

Find out which armor set suits your style (and where to find it) here.

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remnant from the ashes

We’ve covered the vast number of weapons present in Remnant: From the Ashes but there’s plenty of armor to collect as well. On top of different resistances and increased defense, not to mention different weight (which can affect i-frames while dodge-rolling), each armor set has a set of perks that can enhance your play-style. Let’s take a look at all of the sets here, where to find them and what they do.

Adventure Set

  • Location: Provided at the start of the game.
  • Pieces: Adventurer Tunic, Adventure Leggings, Adventurer Hat
  • Perk: Increases chances of obtaining loot from destroyed objects by 10 percent (1 piece), 20 percent (2 pieces) or 30 percent (3 pieces)

Akari Set

  • Location: Vault of Heralds in Rohm. After finding three Glow Rods, place them into the Vault and you’ll obtain the set.
  • Pieces: Akari Mask, Akari Garb, Akari Leggings
  • Perk: If you perfectly avoid enemy attacks, then melee attack speed is increased while melee critical chance is increased by 100 percent. The effect lasts for 10 seconds and varies between 5 percent (1 piece), 10 percent (2 pieces) and 20 percent (3 pieces).

Bandit Set

  • Location: This depends on Mud Tooth spawning in your instance but if he does, ask him to tell some stories. Keep asking for more until he eventually gives you the pocket watch. Take this to Barabus in The Depot – he’ll trade it for the Bandit Set.
  • Pieces: Bandit Mask, Bandit Jacket, Bandit Trousers
  • Perk: Chance for a recently fired bullet to be replaced. One piece provides a 10 percent chance; two pieces provides a 20 percent chance; and three pieces provides a 35 percent chance.

Cultist’s Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Ex-Cultist class. Can also be purchased separately from Rigs in Ward 13.
  • Pieces: Cultist Hat, Cultist Duster, Cultist Britches
  • Perk: Increases mod power from critical hits by 12.5 percent (1 piece), 25 percent (2 pieces) or 40 percent (3 pieces).

Scrapper Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Scrapper class but can also be purchased from Rigs.
  • Pieces: Scrapper Helmet, Scrapper Bodyplate, Scrapper Workboots
  • Perk: Enemies within 5 meters take increased damage. Damage increase varies between 5 percent (1 piece), 10 percent (2 pieces) and 15 percent (3 pieces).

Hunter Set

  • Location: Obtained for free when choosing the Hunter class. Can also be purchased separately from Rigs in Ward 13.
  • Pieces: Hunter Trenchcoat, Hunter Pants, Hunter Shroud
  • Perk: Deals increased ranged damage to enemies that are over 15 meters away with one piece providing 7 percent more damage, two pieces providing 15 percent increased damage and three pieces offering 25 percent more damage.

Drifter’s Set

  • Location: In the Founder’s Hideout on Earth, go upstairs and look for a room with a bookshelf. If you break the bookshelf, there will be a hidden area containing the overcoat and trousers. The mask is in a random location when exploring Earth.
  • Pieces: Drifter’s Mask, Drifter’s Overcoat, Drifter’s Trousers
  • Perk: Reduces stamina usage by 10 percent (1 piece), 20 percent (2 pieces) or 35 percent (3 pieces).

Elder Set

  • Location: In Yaesha, there’s a random event called Survive the Attack that can spawn in Martyr’s Sanctuary. It’s denoted by a wolf door – head inside the dungeon and defeat the foes to unlock the Elder Set.
  • Pieces: Elder Headdress, Elder Raiment, Elder Leggings
  • Perk: When using Dragonheart, there’s a chance that teammates within 15 meters will also be healed. One piece grants 10 percent chance; two pieces provide 20 percent; and three pieces give 30 percent chance.

Ossesus Set

  • Location: In Rohm, you’ll find a merchant named Wud at The Scouring Wastes. Purchase secrets from Wud for 500 Scrap each and once he’s all out, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Ossesus Set. The entire set costs 3,500 Scrap.
  • Pieces: Ossesus Helm, Ossesus Husk, Ossesus Kilt
  • Perk: After killing an enemy, deal increased damage for 5 seconds. Damage increase varies between 7 percent (1 piece), 15 percent (2 pieces) and 25 percent (3 pieces).

Radiant Set

  • Location: In Yaesha, you’ll encounter the Stuck Merchant. Chat with him to purchase the Radiant Greaves and Radiant Protector. Once you find the Strange Curio (located behind the merchant), venture into a side dungeon to find the Radiant Misage. Make sure you purchase the greaves and protector from the merchant before venturing into the dungeon – a Root Terror will spawn. If it kills you, it will disappear, locate the Stuck Merchant and kill him, preventing the other pieces from being acquired.
  • Pieces: Radiant Misage, Radiant Protector, Radiant Greaves
  • Perk: Critical Hits will increase Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage for two seconds with the effect stacking up to 10 times. Crit Chance and Damage varies between 0.75 percent (1 piece), 1.5 percent (2 pieces) and 2.5 percent (3 pieces).

Slayer Set

  • Location: In Corsus, after killing Ixillis and obtaining the Guardian’s Heart, give it to the Iskal Queen. She will provide the Slayer Set and a Crossbow as rewards.
  • Pieces: Slayer Mask, Slayer Mantle, Slayer Boots
  • Perk: Reloading will cause the next shot to deal increased damage. Perfect for sniper rifles and crossbows. One piece increases damage by 10 percent; two pieces increases it by 20 percent; and three pieces provides a 35 percent damage increase.

Twisted Set

  • Location: In The Gallows on Earth, you’ll encounter The Root Shrine and have to defend it against enemies. Defeating all enemies will allow you to craft the Twisted Set.
  • Pieces: Twisted Mask, Twisted Cage, Twisted Tassets
  • Perk: You slowly regenerate health with one piece providing 0.15 health per second, two pieces providing 0.238 health per second and three pieces providing 0.333 health per second.

Void Set

  • Location: In Rohm, there’s a mysterious location called The Monolith. You’ll spot a circular plate at the entrance. Solve the puzzle using the symbols located behind The Monolith to obtain the set.
  • Pieces: Void Skull, Void Carapace,Void Greaves
  • Perk: Taking damage from enemies provides a damage boost that lasts for 13 seconds which stacks up to three times. Damage boost ranges between 4 percent (1 piece), 8 percent (2 pieces) and 13 percent (3 pieces).

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