Remnant From The Ashes Guide: Merchants, Item Costs and Locations

Plus find out how to get some of the more hidden items that merchants carry.

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Gunfire Games’ Remnant: From the Ashes features a number of different merchants, scattered throughout its various lands. Each merchant has a number of items and serves different purposes, not to mention carries a few secrets. So let’s take a quick look at them all here.

Root Mother

After progressing through Ward 13 enough (right before fighting Singe), you’ll meet and free the Root Mother. She’ll later return to Ward 13 and will upgrade your Dragonheart with more healing charges. Simulacrum and Lumenite Crystals are needed for these upgrades.


A starting merchant, he’s located in Ward 13. Along with selecting your beginning loadout, he’ll upgrade any weapons and armor you find. Of course, if you want weapons from some of the other loadouts, then Rigs will have them available for sale. The prices are as follows:

  • Scrapper Helmet: 150 Scrap
  • Scrapper Bodyplate: 500 Scrap
  • Scrapper Workboots: 350 Scrap
  • Coach Gun: 600 Scrap
  • Hunting Rifle: 600 Scrap
  • Hunter Pants: 350 Scrap
  • Hunter Trenchcoat: 500 Scrap
  • Hunter Shroud: 150 Scrap
  • Scrap Hatchet: 450 Scrap
  • Cultist Hat: 150 Scrap
  • Cultist Duster: 500 Scrap
  • Cultist Britches: 350 Scrap
  • Shotgun: 600 Scrap
  • Scrap Sword: 450 Scrap
  • Scrap Hammer: 450 Scrap


Across from Ace in Ward 13 is Reggie. He sells consumables for curing different ailments, refilling ammo and much more. Check out his inventory prices below:

  • Oilskin Tonic: 50 Scrap
  • Hydro Coolant: 50 Scrap
  • Heavy Water Elixir: 50 Scrap
  • Orb of Undoing: 2,500 Scrap
  • Bandage: 50 Scrap
  • Greenleaf: 50 Scrap
  • Adrenaline: 50 Scrap
  • Bloodwort: 100 Scrap
  • Ammo Box: 200 Scrap


Located right next to Rigs in Ward 13, McCabe is your grumpy source for crafting. Any time you defeat a boss, bring their parts back to her – she can craft powerful weapons and mods. Otherwise, much like Rigs, she’ll have all the starting mods available for sale. You can pick up Hot Shot for 750 Scrap, Hunter’s Mark for 750 Scrap and Mender’s Aura for 750 Scrap whenever you’d like.

Stuck Merchant

Located in Yaesha, the Stuck Merchant carries Bloodwort for 100 Scrap, Ethereal Orb for 50 Scrap, Golden Plum for 500 Scrap (which is very useful for the final boss) and Hydro Coolant for 50 Scrap. It’s worth noting that he carries a Spear for 750 Scrap, Radiant Protector for 2,250 Scrap, Radiant Greaves for 1,350 Scrap and a Guardian’s Ring for 100,000 Scrap.

Purchase the armor pieces beforehand and explore the area some more for the Radiant Visage to complete the Radiant Armor set. It’s located in a chamber that spawns a Root Horror boss. If you die to this boss, it will leave and make its way to the Stuck Merchant, killing him and preventing you from buying anything else. However, the merchant’s death will also cause the Guardian Ring to drop, saving 100,000 Scrap in the process.


After completing the initial reactor mission, Ace will become a vendor in Ward 13. If you happen to find her Strange Coin and return it, she’ll give you the Magnum Revolver. Otherwise, Ace is useful for exchanging Scrap for crafting materials.

The exchange rates are: Iron for 10 Scrap, Forged Iron for 25 Scrap, Hardened Iron for 75 Scrap, Galvanized Iron for 50 Scrap and Lumenite Crystals for 300 Scrap. Keep in mind that some materials only become available as you progress through the game. She also has a limited amount of each material at a given time so choose those upgrades wisely.


Located in The Stalker’s Den, Houndmaster will sell you Houndmaster’s Jerky for 500 Scrap. This increases critical damage but if you attack any of the area’s Stalkers, the Houndmaster will fight you along with Maul.

If you shoot his horn, you’ll see the Control Rod glowing. Maul will then turn on the Houndmaster and once the battle is finished, you can claim the Control Rod (which is necessary for another encounter in Rhom).


Located in The Scouring Wastes of Rhom, Wud sells Bloodwort for 100 Scrap, Ammo Box for 200 Scrap, Mender’s Charm for 500 Scrap, Heavy Water Elixir for 50 Scrap and Jewel of the Black Sun for 400 Scrap.

Make sure to purchase all of his secrets as well – you’ll be given the option to purchase the Osseous Armor Set.

Mud Tooth

Mud Tooth has a chance to randomly spawn on Earth. You’ll hear him singing/talking to himself in the remains of a helicopter. He sells Ammo Boxes for 200 Scrap each, Mudtooth’s Stew for 500 Scrap and Mudtooth’s Tonic for 500 Scrap.

Perhaps more importantly, however, he provides a pocket watch that when equipped, reduces the stamina cost of actions and increases the recharge rate of stamina – quite potent throughout the game. Just keep asking to listen to his stories and eventually he’ll give you the pocket watch.

Twisted Mask Merchant

The Twisted Mask Merchant can be found on Earth in Junktown. While he sells Iron and Crystals, you’ll want to kill him. He drops the Twisted Mask item which grants health regeneration (and is part of the Twisted Mask Armor set).

Iskal Queen

Located in Corus, the Iskal Queen will sell you Bloodwort for 100 Scrap, Divine Nectar for 500 Scrap, Greenleaf for 50 Scrap and a Scythe+8 for 750 Scrap.

If you bring her the Guardian’s Heart, she’ll give you the entire Slayer Set at +8 level along with Crossbow+8.

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