Resident Evil Village – Lady Dimitrescu Is Shaping Up To Surpass Mr. X

Capcom’s latest pursuer could reign over the others in the upcoming sequel.

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Resident Evil Village is nearly upon us and though many factors – like the Resident Evil 4 vibe, and the return of The Mercenaries – have taken up attention, Lady Dimitrescu is still as popular as ever. Lady Dimitrescu – first name Alcina – is one of the Four Lords and presides over the castle to the north of the titular village. She has three daughters – Bela, described in recent previews from IGN as “quiet” but having a “strong head”; Cassandra, a cruel sadist who takes pleasure in killing; and Daniela, the most crazed and delusional of the three, though in what way is unknown. While Ethan initially encounters the four and escapes his restraints, he’s left to roam the castle and avoid any run-ins with them.

As the new pursuer boss of sorts, how does Lady Dimitrescu compare to the likes of Mr. X from Resident Evil 2 or even the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3? Let’s take a look at a few differences while also offering some theories and speculation based on known information.

From the outset, we know that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters patrol the castle in real-time. While her daughters are quick, nimble and invulnerable (at least from the outset, as per recent previews), Alcina moves slower and more deliberately. Standing at 9’6”, she’s incredibly imposing but still somewhat amusing when stooping down to fit through doors. She also has giant claws, providing extensive reach to her attacks. This is bad news if you’re cornered in a room and it wouldn’t be surprising if, like the Maiden demo, Lady Dimitrescu could simply lift a low-health Ethan up and impale him with her claws. That animation is simply too sick to not have in the final game.

However, unlike Mr. X or Nemesis, we’ve seen Lady Dimitrescu being more than just a pursuer with a set objective to, well, relentlessly pursue their target. She’s part of a hierarchy, can hold conversations; and is capable of ordering her daughters around, as seen in footage from recent 5-hour hands-on previews. While it’s unknown whether she can be downed upon taking enough damage – since both the Nemesis and Mr. X could be temporarily stopped – GameSpot’s preview stated that she doesn’t “seem too bothered with gunfire.”

Perhaps some special weapons or those with more damage are required to down her. Various previews also describe a sequence where Lady Dimitrescu had to be lured away from a door in order to progress forward, taking advantage of her slow movement to loop around and eventually progress.

Resident Evil Village

Here’s where we start to get speculative. None of this has been outright confirmed by Capcom so take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The castle has been described as having a variety of winding passages and rooms. While this could help Ethan escape, it may also provide an advantage for Lady Dimitrescu and her ilk. There could be a variety of traps in the castle that only its residents know about. It’s also possible that Alcina and her daughters work together in some unique way instead of operating separately throughout.

IGN described each daughter as being a mini-boss fight of sorts and noted that they all had a common weakness. How this weakness is utilized seems to vary though – it seems to be an item that Ethan uses in different ways to defeat each daughter. The question is whether that same item can be effective against Lady Dimitrescu or not.

Of course, the most burning question above all is whether Lady Dimitrescu will have any transformations. According to GamesRadar, a note can be found in Dimitrescu’s room that talks about how Miranda gave the former “this castle, obedient daughters, everlasting life”. A note from the Maiden demo dated 1958 that references the “Mistress and her daughters”, which seems to indicate they’ve been around for that long.

However, exploring the castle in the recent demo also revealed a painting of all three daughters – because their names are provided in the description – looking fairly different from their current state. Perhaps Mother Miranda is responsible for changing Dimitrescu and her daughters into what they currently are. Perhaps when they were older upon encountering her and she provided the means to “eternal youth.” Given that they drain the blood from any unfortunate victims and use that to retain their youth like vampires would, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched if some parasite is involved and Miranda is the one who provided it to them. Again, this is just speculation.

It’s also possible that Lady Dimitrescu doesn’t have any transformations to speak of and that her claws and imposing height are the main mutations. The opposite is also possible – after all, Jack Baker seemed like a regular albeit overpowered individual but would undergo several different mutations in Resident Evil 7: biohazard. Mr. X and Nemesis have also had their fair share of transformations. So why wouldn’t Lady Dimitrescu?

This may seem like a long shot but a clue could be found in statements from director Morimasa Sato when he spoke to IGN about the evolution of Dimitrescu and her daughters. Sato talks about creating an area, that is Castle Dimitrescu, to match the mistress. He notes that the developer tried “a lot of different things” to make her scary and more like a boss, including ideas to have her more “creature-like.” “In the end we felt that a towering woman was the most simple yet powerful thing we could do.”

resident evil village

This statement could simply be referring to her base form so it’s not enough evidence to suggest zero transformations whatsoever. If Lady Dimitrescu did undergo a major change, however, then it could play into her vampire motif. The various previews released till now speak of flying enemies on the rooftop of the castle. Perhaps Alcina will sprout wings and take on more of a vampire bat appearance.

Alternatively, her appearance could be altered into the mutant insects that her daughters seem to dissipate into. We’re not going to suggest the existence of a killer mosquito boss with Lady Dimitrescu’s features. But hey, if an insect motif worked for Marguerite Baker in Resident Evil 7, then it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Why else would her daughters be composed of various insects but she’s still seemingly human?

Perhaps she’s the controller of the insects and has them take on the forms of her daughters. Perhaps her daughters are long dead and this is her way of not being lonely, providing different personalities to each in the process. Maybe each of the Four Lords has this kind of tragic backstory. Once again, it’s speculation, but anything is possible.

Judging by the latest trailer and previews thus far, it seems that Ethan defeating all Four Lords will somehow tie into whatever Mother Miranda is planning. A strange stone altar, denoted as the “Ceremony Site” on the officially released map, forms a convenient meeting point for the Four Lords locations. It’s possible that their deaths are required to activate this ceremony and that Ethan is the catalysis for making this happen. If nothing else, it would explain why everyone seems to know his name – it’s because they’ve been expecting him.

Regardless of what ends up happening, Resident Evil Village should be a crazy ride from start to finish when it releases on May 7th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia. Whether Lady Dimitrescu will join the ranks of the series’ most famous pursuers should be interesting to see.

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