Risk of Rain 2: Scorched Acres Update Brings New Survivor, Boss and Elite Unit

New Category Chests, equipment, and items also added in this large update.

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Risk of Rain 2

Hopoo Games’ first content update for Risk of Rain 2 is now live with Scorched Acres. It brings a new Survivor – a robot/symbiotic plant thing named REX – and a new boss called The Grovetender. The trailer below also showcases the newest stage, Scorched Acres.

Scorched Acres is interesting due to the raging fires and the strange installation. Players will have some new drones to experiment with, like the Equipment and Incinerator Drone, while also battling a new monster, the Clay Templar. Beware though – high-tier Elites called Malachites can spawn later, and they can disable your healing, among other things.

Another nice new addition are the Category Chests, which seemingly dole out items based on Damage, Healing, and Utility categories. New items and equipment include the Topaz Brooch, Old Guillotine, Warhorn, and many more. That’s not including various changes and buffs that have been provided to existing Survivors. Check out the full patch notes here, with some highlights below.

Major Content and Changes

  • Added New Survivor: REX
  • Added New Stage: Scorched Acres
  • Added New Boss: Grovetender
  • Added New Monster: Clay Templar
  • Added New Drone: Equipment Drone
  • Added New Drone: Incinerator Drone

Added New Elite: Malachite

Malachites are new high-tier elites that only spawns late. Possesses a number of unique abilities – including disabling your healing… New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Malachite elite has entered the stage.

Added New Chests: Category Chests

  • Category: Damage
  • Category: Healing
  • Category: Utility

Added 9 new items/equipment to the game

  • New Item: Topaz Brooch
  • New Item: Old Guillotine
  • New Item: Warhorn
  • New Item: Aegis
  • New Equipment: Eccentric Vase
  • New Equipment: Fuel Array
  • New Lunar Equipment: Spinel Tonic
  • New Boss Item: Little Disciple
  • New Boss Item: Halcyon Seed

Added 5 new challenges to the game

  • New Challenge: Cut Down
  • New Challenge: Warmonger
  • New Challenge: Cosmic Explorer
  • New Challenge: Blackout
  • New Challenge: Power Plant

Added 2 new environment logs to the game

  • New Environment Log: Scorched Acres
  • New Environment Log: Gilded Coast

Added 6 new lore entries to the game

  • New Lore Entry: Brittle Crown
  • New Lore Entry: Soldier’s Syringe
  • New Lore Entry: Firework
  • New Lore Entry: Rejuvenation Rack
  • New Lore Entry: War Horn
  • New Lore Entry: Abyssal Depths

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