Shenmue 1 And 2 HD Collection Mega Guide – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, All Moves Locations And More

A complete guide for the Shenmue 1 and 2 HD Collection.

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Shenmue 1 And 2 HD Collection Mega Guide – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, All Moves Locations And More

The  remastered version of Shenmue 1 and are now out and if you loved the original games, then you should definitely check these out. The remastered editions offer higher visual quality, shorter loading times, and best of all, the ability to enjoy these games on modern systems. These can be quite complex as they don’t always hold your hand or tell you where exactly you need to go. If you need any help at all with these games, then this guide is here to help you out.

If you’re ready, then let’s get started!


Don’t Forget To Train

Although combat in the game isn’t too difficult, you may come across some difficult fights that you can’t get past later on. This is why it’s important to train in combat and learn different combos and moves even though if you feel like you don’t need it early on.

Talk To Everyone You Can

This game doesn’t exactly tell you where you need to go next in your pursuit of your father’s killer. It’s up to you to talk different NPCs and try and get some new information that could  be helpful to your cause.  As long as you explore areas and talk to those you see, you will soon be on the right path ahead.

Use Your Time Wisely

There is a day/night cycle in the game,  and so you have limited time in a day to  get things done. Make  sure you manage your time well so that each day ends up being a productive one. In fact, even  when there’s not much to do, it would be a good  idea to participate in the many side activities and mini-games to keep yourself occupied.

Work On Your Relationships

There are quite a few friends that Ryo has in the game’s world, including a romantic interest. However, to get the best out of these relationships, you will have to work on  them by calling them or meeting them. This will change how exactly the relationships develop throughout the course of the game.

Always Be Ready For QTE

Quick Time Events can happen at any time at all, even immediately after a conversation, so make sure that you’re always prepared to react to the situation and mash those buttons when necessary.


In both games, time plays a very important role and there are many events that will only occur at a specific time in the games. This can make it annoying to just wait around with nothing to do.

In the first game, there’s no real method to just skip time, so your best is to try out some of the many side activities available and maybe do some exploring. The fastest way to move time ahead (not fast enough) though is to simply stare at the watch you have in the game by selecting it from the menu.  However, this will still take a while but there will be certain times when there’s nothing else you can do.

In the second game, you have the option to skip time when necessary. If any mission requires you to be there at a specific time, you can choose to skip time until the required time.


In the first game, one of the most confusing aspects is where to go next or what to do so as to progress in the main game’s story. The game doesn’t exactly engage in hand-holding  the player at every point, which is why we’re here to help you if you need some hand-holding. There are some very specific solutions that you have to use so as to move forward in the game and you can find all of these listed  below.

Finding The Black Car

The first main task you will have to focus on in the game is finding a black car. Before you go out on your search, make sure you thoroughly explore the Hazuki Residence where you wake up. Once you head out of the house, a little  girl called Megumi tells you that the car almost hit an old man called yamagishi, so that’s who you’re going to have to find next. You can find the man’s house in Sakuragaoka and his house can be found at the end of the street. Once you  find him, he will send you off to Dobuita since that’s where the car headed. In Dobuita, just  talk to the people there and they will eventually point towards Nozomi at her Flower Shop. Talk to Nozomi until she reveals information that leads you to Tom from the Hot Dog truck. Finally, Tom will tell you about some Chinese people who argued with him from within that car.

FInding Out About The Chinese People

In this part of the main story, seek out Tao at the Chinese Restaurant and he will tell you about the ‘Three Blades’ which basically refers to the three professions commonly taken up by Chinese immigrants, and these are the Barber, the Tailor, and the Cook. Before seeking them out, head over to the Suzume Park to learn the combat move called ‘Double Blow’ and you’ll miss your chance to do so otherwise. Next, speak to one of the following three people: Itoi at the Patch Shop, Yamamoto at the Ramen Store, or Maeda at the barbershop. Once you do, you can now speak to Liu at the other barber shop and he will send you to his grandfather Liu Senior who can be found back in Suzume Park. Find him here and he will send you looking for some Sailors, and finding them is your next objective.

Finding The Sailors

To find the Sailors, first talk to Tom and then he will point tell you that they often hang out in bars. In Yokosuka there are three bars to look into and these are the Bar Yokosuka, Heartbeats, and MJQ Jazz Bar. There’s nothing of interest in the MJQ bar, so you can skip going there. The Sailors aren’t at Bar Yokosuka either, but you can try and win a pool game there for 1000 yen and some information. The only place left is the Hearbeats and go there after 7 PM to find out that your next objective is to find a person named Charlie.

Where’s Charlie?

Finding Charlie is quite a long process. The first thing you will have to do is go to the Knocking Motorcycle Store where the owner will tell you about him and also points you toward the Jacket Shop where is known for causing trouble. Head on over to the Jupiter Jackets in Dobuita at some time before 8 PM (since the store closes then). Speaking to  Tsuruoka at the Jacket Store multiple times will let you learn that Charlie hangs around the place at night.  If you speak to Kinuyo at the lunch stand, you will be told to check Nagai Industries. This place opens at 4 PM and you can learn from here that Charlie can be found on the streets at night. Next, just hang around Dobuita at 7 PM and keep running between the arcade and the hot dog stand run by Tom and eventually some events will transpire that will give you your next clue to  finding Charlie: the Tattoo Parlor.

To find the Tattoo Parlor, you first have to find some people with Tattoos and you can check out the Arcade or the Knocking  Motorcycle shop to find them. If one of them sends you away, then try talking to the other one and he will ask you to join their gang. Do so, and you will learn that the Tattoo Parlor is in Okayama. Head up to the second floor in Okayama Heights and the Tattoo Parlor is there, but  you find out that Charlie will be in tomorrow.

Translating The Letter

It’s time to find some Chinese people again because you get a letter that was sent to your father before he died, and the problem is that the letter is in Chinese. Seek out Gao Wen in Dobuita and he can be found wandering nearby the arcade. He then sends you to his grandmother  Xia Xiu Yu who works at the Russiya China Shop near Nagai Industries. She will be able to translate the letter for you.

On the letter you will find some cryptic phrases and a phone number. Call the number and responding according to the cryptic phrases in the letter with Father’s Heaven = Nine Dragons, and Mother’s Earth = Comrades. This will now lead you to Warehouse 8.

Warehouse Eight

Finding out  Warehouse 8 is not as easy as it sounds. First, check the phone directory  from the Tobacco Shop in Dobuita and you will find out that the phone you called is from Amihama. To find out where Amihama is, ask Tom and then you can use the bus to get to the place, and the bus stop is close to the Tobacco Shop. The bus will take you to New Yokosuka Harbor and you’ll meet a character called Goro there who will tell you where the warehouse is. Get to the place and pile up the crates to climp up into the area. However, there are two Warehouse 8s and the right one is in the Old Warehouse District. You’ll have to go there at night or else the guards won’t let you in. Use your sneaking skills to get inside the warehouse and you’ll learn more about the item that Li Dan stole.

Finding The Hidden Mirror

Basically, Li Dan stole the Phoenix Mirror, but  he stole only one part of it and the other part has been hidden away. First go to your house and you will be able to find a letter from your father in his room and you can find a mysterious key in his desk drawer. Next, go to the dojo and you will be able to open a locked box that you can find there. Inside it, you will find a sword that is missing its guard. You will be able to find two scrolls along a part of the wall where you found the locked box. Take the scrolls down and the sword will fit perfectly into one of the holes there.

Next, talk to Ine-san, Fuku-san and then Ine-san again and you will know that you need to go to the Antique Store. Go to the Bunkado Antique Store in Dobuita and you will get the sword’s handguard  from the owner of this store. Also, just buy a lightbulb from Dobuita’s Tomato Store because you’ll need it later. Now, talk to Ine-san and Fuku-san and then go to the dojo and you’ll be able to place the handguard into the other slot and this will open up a secret door. Go on down to the secret basement and place the lightbulb and turn on the switch. There are some interesting things to find, so make sure you look around. You may notice that the bookshelves have been moved around,  so pull them back and you will see a wall behind. Break the wall down using a hammer and then call Master Chen up. You’re off to Hong Kong next.

Going To Hong Kong

So, you need to get to Hong Kong. Your first course of action is heading to the Global Travel Agency opposite Tom’s Hot Dog Truck, and once you go there you’ll find out it’s very expensive. Next, talk to Fuku-san and he will give you a bit of money. Once this is done, go to Nozomi and she will suggest using a boat and going back to the Global Travel Agency reveals that they don’t sell boat tickets, and they point you towards Asia Travel Company. Go to them and they’ll tell you to come back in a few hours.

You need a job and working at the harbor would help raise funds while also helping you get close to the Mad Angels and figure out what they’re all about.  Unfortunately for you, there are no jobs available. However, you can find Goro if you Amihama Wharf before 2:30 PM near Warehouse No. 14 and he will set up a job interview for you. Get to Warehouse No. 1 at the correct time and you’ll get the jon. Just keep doing  job, and also keep an eye out for news moves after work. There will be people all around the harbor who will teach you different moves. On ay 4, you will learn about Long Zha which is a job that involves the Mad Angels.

Nozomi’s Rescue

Go back to work on the 5th day and on the same night, you will get a call to get to Warehouse No. 17 within four hours and that Nozomi’s life will be at stake. First, get to Saukuragaoka and find Ito in his house and ask for his bike. Get his bike and complete the mini-game that ensues to make it to the harbor where you’ll have a battle waiting for you.

The End

Before you get to work, you will meet Tom and he will say he wants to meet at 12 Noon. Do so to learn his story and also gain a new move. Before going in to meet Tom, try and check up on all your friends as the game will soon end. There will be some big battles to get through and once you do, Ryo will be on his way to Hong Kong.


When you’re done with your daily activities in the games, you can turn in for the night. Sleeping is an important part of the games, but you can only sleep after 8 PM. In the first game, you can only sleep in your house. So when nighttime arrives, make your way back home to get some sleep for the night.

In Shenmue 2, things are not much different except for the fact that you can sleep at multiple places throughout the game’s world including places such as a lodge or guest house. This means you don’t have to go back to a single location just to turn in for a night’s rest.


One of the unique aspects about both these games is that they don’t always tell you of many things in the game’s world. This means that you could easily end up missing a lot of content if you don’t explore everything on your own. You can find below some of the content you can easily miss if you’re not  actively looking out for them.

Shenmue 1

Actively Work On Your Relationship With Nozomi

You should try and call Nozomi up often even if the conversations aren’t always great, but the work will pay off because you’ll end up knowing more about their relationship. Later  on in the game when Nozomi calls you to the park, make sure you go and a scene will play out between the two of them. To get the next part of their interaction, you will have to meet Eri outside the arcade and she will send you back to Nozomi. Once you get back, you can see another touching scene play out.

Finally, towards the end of the game, when Ryo says “I should check with everybody,” make sure you check on Nozomi as well for some extra content.

The Armour Stab Scroll

You will actually be able to find two Chinese scrolls in Hazuki Doji with one behind the Yin and Yang scroll and the other in the basement. However, only the Armour Stab scroll is actually of any use.  Seek out Master Chen for help with translation and he will point you towards Gui Zhang and after this, Armour Stab can be learned.

Ask Around About The Mirrors

Once you get the mirror, make sure you ask around about it to learn more about Chinese culture. Specifically, talk to the following people: Yamagishi in Sakuragaoka, Keizo in Bunkado Antiques, Liu in Suzume Park, and Xia in the Russiya China Shop. Once you show it to all of them, a cutscene will play out.

Pay Attention To The Kitten

Interact with the kitten to find some bits of content as well. Make sure you feed the kitten around the beginning, and later on visit the shrine again and you will see that its leg has healed. You’ll also meet Nozomi there who is treating the kitten with medicine. Around the time when Ryo is trying to get a ticket to Hong Kong, you’ll notice that the kitten is missing, but you can find it just listening for its cries. Visit the shrine again later on and you will get another cutscene which involves Nozomi and the kitten.

Shenmue 2

The Duck Race

If you are able to successfully collect three medals, then you will be able to participate in a duck race, and who wouldn’t want to do that?

The easiest way to get the Bronze Medal is to pay money to the waitress at the Lucky Charm Quarter after you chase Wong through that place. Once you get the Bronze medal, speak to both Eileen and Izumi. After that, in the 3rd floor of the pine arcade, tell the man there that you would like to participate. A fight with Eileen follows and if you defeat her, you will get the silver medal. After this is done, get out of the Arcade and then return to fight Izumi. Once you defeat her, go to the Tomato Convenience Store where you can enter the duck race, but you need your own duck first.

Go to Man Mo Temple and then catch two leaves at once three different times. Once you do this, you will hear a duck noise and you will have to catch a duck feather to get your own duck.  Once you do this, you can go ahead and participate in the duck race.

Fangmei’s  Birthday

So, Fangmei’s birthday is on March 3rd and you can find quite a bit of content related to this, but be forewarned that it’s a bit long-winded. First of all, meet Fangmei and then get to know her well until she starts calling you ‘Ryo’ and not ‘Hazuki’. There are quite a few correct answers, and you can return later to re-initiate conversation in  case you mess it up the first time around. Also, keep 150 bucks ready at hand before you begin.

Once you’ve become her friend, meet Eileen at Pigeon Park where she practicing Martial Arts by the fountain, and this will trigger a cut-scene. On the next day, you will find Eileen and Fangmei eating together at the Man Mo Bistro. Follow Eileen after they’re done eating and she will stop at a point, and she will then have a conversation with Ryo about some things. Your next goal is to head to Complete Clothier in Three Blades Street, and Fangmei will be there. Once you talk to her, you will find out the item she is interested in. Buy the item and then hand it over to Fangmei on her birthday.

Make sure you say goodbye to Fangmei before you leave WanChai for the final scene involving her.

All Moves Locations

These are the moves you  can  get from Wise Men’s Kung Fu at WanChai.

  • Dragon Spin
  • Oblique Air Kick
  • Stepping Strike
  • Twin palm Thrust
  • Double Storm Kick

These are the moves you can get from winning the challenge Lucky Hit Stand at Dragon Street, Kowloon.

  • Monkey Roll Drop
  • Heel Sweep

You can get the following moves from the first floor of the Thousand White Building.

  • Serpent Coil
  • Dragon Spin
  • Oblique Slam
  • Machine Gun Fist
  • Demons Triangle
  • Rear Foot Sweep
  • Double Storm Kick
  • Diagonal Wipe

You can get the following scrolls by completing a day’s work at Man Mo Temple.

  • Mantis Combo
  • Lunging Strike
  • Horse Show Kick
  • Stepping Strike

You can learn the following moves from different people in the game.

  • Iron Palm: You can learn this move from Jianmin who can be found in Lotus Park.
  • Counter Elbow Assault: You can learn this from Xiuyung before you go to Kowloon.
  • Hind Blow: This move is taught by Guixhang after you help her out.
  • Brawling Uppercut: Delin will teach this move to  you  when you’re raising funds for Ren.
  • Wild Throw: Zhoushan will teach you  this at the monk’s temple once you’ve learnt Hind Blow.
  • Predictive Explosion: The blind musician in Kowloon known as Kai will teach you this move.


You first wake up at the Hazuki Residence in the first game and there are lots of things to explore here. First of all, you will be able to find a cassette tape on the desk nearby. Look into the drawers to find the following items: Cassette Player, Sha Hua tape, and Photo of Friends.

Other things of interest include the Sega Saturn under the TV, the Shadow reaper Scroll in Fuku-san’s room, and a box of matches and candles in the Prayer Room. You can also find the ‘Twin Blades’ move scroll here. You can find a letter in Iwao’s room and a mysterious key which you will need later in one of the drawers.

Flashback Locations

By interacting with certain things in the Hazuki Residence, you will be able to trigger certain memories. The first of these are the chopsticks on the kitchen table in the house.

Following this, head outside and interact with the tree you will see in the corner just before entering the dojo. Next, head inside the dojo and look up at the banner in there to activate the last memory.


Note: Please use the following cheats at your own discretion. Using cheats online or offline may lead to an immediate ban. GamingBolt or its staff members are not responsible for any problems arising due to their use.

You can make things easier for yourself in this game by making use of cheat codes. There are some cheat codes available that can let you control the amount of money you have, speed up time, and more. First download the cheat engine and then go to these links: ( for Shenmue 1 and for Shenmue 2). Using those will help you to achieve the following:

  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Money


Break And Enter: Get into Warehouse 8 and meet Master Chen

Yummy Meal: Find the flashback in the Kitchen

Next Step Hong Kong: Complete the game

Practice Makes Perfect: Practise your Kung Fu in the Dojo with Fuku-san

Hot Dog Moves: Learn a move from Tom at the hot dog stand

To Be This Good Takes Ages: Play Hang-On or Space Harrier

I Know More Kung Fu: Learn 5 combat moves

Gainful Employment: Get a job at the Harbor

One Step Closer: Reach New Yokosuka Harbor

Mirror, Mirror: Get the letter from Yuanda Zhu translated in Dobuita

Treasure Your Friends: Find the flashback in the Dojo

Cat Burglar: Find Megumi’s kitten when it goes missing

I Know Kung Fu: Learn a combat move.

Unexpected Visit: Visit the fortune teller

Boy Scout: Help the old lady in Sakuragaoka find a specific house

Stay Down: Beat Chai in the Harbor

Needle In A Haystack: Find Charlie in the tattoo parlor in Dobuita

Stab In The Dark: Find the Phoenix Mirror in the Hazuki Basement

Full Cabinet: Earn all the Trophies. Well done!

Appropriate Response: Call the police at the beginning of the game

Sore Knuckles: Beat the 70 Man Battle

Simpler Times: Find the flashback in the Yard

What’s It Worth?: Take the Phoenix Mirror to the two antique shops in Dobuita

Gacha Gatcha III: Collect 50 Capsule toys

Mark’s Favorite: Win a forklift race

Freeloader: Buy a soda for thirsty Wang Guang Ji

Gacha Gatcha II: Collect 25 Capsule toys

Gacha Gatcha: Find your first collectable toy


Cartographer: Place a map marker

Big Spender: Have less than 50 dollars when your bag is stolen

New Kid On The Block: Impress the Yellowhead scout, Yuandao Huo, with your fighting skills

Flower Power: See the flowers with Shenhua

Strongarm: Win 5 arm wrestling matches

Autumn In Wan Chai: Catch the leaves

Baggage Claim: Get your bag back after it is stolen

Tree Hunger: Find the Shenmue Tree

Good Samaritan: Straighten the man’s sign near the Come Over Guest House in Wan Chai

Sweet Sorrow: Say goodbye to the 4 wude masters before leaving Hong Kong

Expert: Learn 10 combat skills

Apprentice: Learn your first new combat skill

Back To School: Master the Wild Throw move from the Kung Fu school in Wan Chai

Not Done Yet: Complete the game

Under Your Nose: Catch Yuan and rescue Zhang Shu Qin

David And Goliath: Defeat Dou Niu

Money  For Nothing: Give money to the musicians at the beginning of the game

Slippery Like An Eel: Chase and catch Wong in QTE

Another Fine Mess: Fall off a building with Ren

Never Assume: Meet Lishao Tao

Now I Can Sleep: That’s it. No more Trophies.

To Be This Good Takes Ages: Play all 4 arcade games

Master: Learn 15 combat skills

Adept: Learn 5 combat skills

5 Star General: Find Yuanda Zhu

Nomad: Leave Hong Kong

Challenger:  Win an arm wrestling match

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