Silent Hill 2 – 10 Reasons Why It’s Still One of the Best Survival Horror Games

Find out why there’s nothing quite like Konami’s survival horror classic.

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For Team Silent of Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, it made sense to follow-up on Silent Hill. It was a financial hit and received immense critical acclaim. Development began in 1999 but when Silent Hill 2 released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2, it offered a horror experience that’s still unique to this day. Join us as we look back on the various aspects of this horror classic, further reinforcing how there’s nothing quite like it. Beware though – spoilers abound.


Environmental story-telling isn’t a new concept by any means but it’s incredible how a title like this trusted its viewers to understand the story through observation and empathy. It starts with protagonist James Sunderland staring at himself in the mirror, contemplating, before we learn of him receiving a letter from his wife Mary. Mary is deceased but apparently still waiting for James in their “special place” in Silent Hill. Thus begins one’s journey into the decrepit town, which is slowly introduced with long stretches without any dialogue or narration. The player seeks to learn the truth but every facet of the game presents this as a foregone conclusion. It’s not until reaching the end that James’ mannerisms, the strange holes in the walls, the enemies and Maria’s presence actually start to make sense. But traces of the truth can be observed all throughout.

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