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Singularity starts off like your standard first-person shooter until you eventually gain other abilities.  The abilities you eventually gain all have to do with time whether it’s aging an enemy to creating a black hole where everything is slowed within it.  The list goes on as far as the time warping abilities you gain.  You will eventually learn that you will make the game much easier on yourself by learning how to combine these abilities with the first-person shooter aspect of the game.

The game starts off slow and picks up after a while.  It has a unique storyline which involves you stopping the atrocities the soviet union has caused by being able to leap through the future from the Cold War Era.  As I mentioned before the game has a definite Bioshock or Timeshift feel to it.  You are Captain Nathaniel Renko and you are sent in by the U.S. to investigate the abandoned, Cold War-era island of Katorga-12 which research was being done on.  Once investigating part of the base your are warped to a 1950s Soviet base.  Your time travel messes things up and you are found going back and forth times to fix things.

You quickly gain the TMD which is attached to your left hand and is what gives you all the unique powers of time.  This will be upgraded with new powers automatically as you progress through the game but any other upgrades must be found as blueprints and such lying around the world you roam in.  So you will need to keep your eyes peeled to find these otherwise you wont be upgrading much which is kind of a bummer.  The same goes for weapon upgrades as you will only be able to upgrade weapons if you find weapon upgrade cases which also really ticked me off.  Basically the upgrade system is cool but if your not a scavenging your not upgrading.

Multiplayer has a few different modes.  Some of them are reminiscent of Left 4 Dead and its creatures vs soldiers.  There is also your standard Team Death-match which both modes equipping soldiers with a TMD.  Extermination is a capture and hold an objective point type mode which is probably the most fun.  Each team has the option to choose between four classes that are unique to their respective sides.  The multiplayer however is nothing special and doesn’t make the game.  The campaign is Singularity’s highlight and while fun most of the time it’s not going to be getting any game of year awards.

This game was reviewed on the Xbox 360.


Unique science fiction storyline. Upgrading system for weapons and other devices. Good graphics and landscapes scaling the different eras.


The game starts off slow until about halfway through. The upgrading system requires you to find certain blueprints through out the game, so if you don't find them, you won't be upgrading anything. Can get boring since other games have its similarities such as Bioshock, Timeshift, etc.

Final Verdict

Singularity has a kind of Bioshock feel to it with its own unique take involving time manipulation. This first-person shooter brings you back and forth times like the cold war era and 2010.

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