Stardock CEO On Whether Xbox Scorpio’s CPU Will Hold It Back, 12GB RAM Will Increase PC Requirements In Future

High end PC game developers will be setting their memory requirements higher in the future due to Scorpio.

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A couple of weeks ago, Brad Wardell, the CEO of Stardock Studios had some interesting comments to share about the Xbox Scorpio. According to Wardell, the 12GB of memory present in the Scorpio will not impose any technical limit for games development in the future and that it will take a couple of years for developers to full realize the potential of the new hardware.

We decided to folloup with Wardell about these comments and asked him a couple of questions regarding the Scorpio. It’s well known by now that Scorpio has a ton of memory on board (12GB in total and 8GB of that is available for games). So does this mean that high-end PC game developers such as Stardock Studios, will now be setting their  PC memory requirements even higher in the future due to Scorpio offering even higher memory allocations? Wardell confirmed to GamingBolt that they will be indeed doing so.

This is certainly interesting because current gen-games on PC target anywhere from 8-16 GB on a modern gaming PC, and much of that shift to higher memory has been driven by the PS4 and Xbox One. Given that both PS4 and Xbox One had 8GB of memory, it ensured that most game developers can set even higher requirements for their games on PC and with the Scorpio the trend is only going to continue.

The Scorpio has undergone minor but noticeable improvements on the CPU front but Microsoft’s push for DirectX12 for GPU seems to have done a lot of good for the console’s GPU. In light of this statement, we asked whether the somewhat mediocre improvement in CPU will hold back the Scorpio? Wardell stated that this won’t be the case since this is where DirectX12 will come into the picture. While confirming the CPU won’t hold back the Scorpio, Wardell stated that, “DX12 takes the burden off the CPU.”

The Xbox Scorpio doesn’t have a price or a release date yet. Heck, it doesn’t even have an official name! But all of that will most likely be revealed at this year’s E3. But in the meantime, what are your thought’s on Wardell’s comments? Let us know below.

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