Strange Brigade Guide – How To Get Skill Points, Puzzles Guide, Achievements, And More

A complete guide on Strange Brigade.

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Strange Brigade Guide – How To Get Skill Points, Puzzles Guide, Achievements, And More

Strange Brigade is the new co=op third person shooter from Rebellion Developments and it offers some light-hearted while also being complex enough to be engaging. You will be spending your time in the game battling hordes of enemies, solving puzzles, and unlocking  new and powerful weapons. If there is any information at all that you would like to know about the game, then this guide is here to help you out.

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Use Traps Wisely

Before you use your traps in the game, first figure out where a good spot would be that could catch out multiple enemies. You should also place it so that your or your allies don’t get caught in your own traps as that is certainly a possibility in the game.

Collect Gems In Horde Mode

Horde mode is all about facing off against multiple waves of enemies trying to kill you. There will be gems in hidden crates and these can be used to upgrade your weapons. Find these and make use of them to make things easier for your team in this game mode.

Get Your Amulets Charged

Amulets in the game get charged as you kill more enemies. Once the amulet gets fully charged, you can make use of its special power to wipe out enemies coming up against you, so this is a great way to deal with multiple enemies.

Keep Practicing

If you find the game challenging at first, don’t worry. As you keep going through the same stage over and over, you’ll get to know how exactly it all works and you’ll be better equipped to deal with whatever challenges the game throws at you.

Spend Gold On Weapons

You will earn gold as you play the game and when you come across weapon chests is when you should spend this gold. If a chest costs more, then it will yield a more powerful weapon, so keep this in mind when you spend your gold. You can also upgrade your weapons at the Work Bench in the game.

Look For Collectibles And Other Secrets

Finding collectibles and secret rooms which can be found at the end each level will net you some great rewards so make sure you explore every area to try and find these.


In general if you are stuck in any area, just look for the red objects that are destructible. There are about seven different types of puzzles present in the game and you can find below the key to solving each of these different types.

Floor Symbols

Basically what you have to do for these puzzles is you have to walk on some pressure plates in the right sequence. The answers won’t always be nearby the plates, so when you spot some symbols on a wall anywhere, note them down immediately. Keep in mind that anyone walking on the plates will trigger them whether it’s an enemy or a friend.

Door Symbols

This is very similar to the Floor Symbol Puzzles. You basically have to shoot some symbols in the correct sequence in order to proceed. Earlier on, the symbols will nearby the door but later on, they will be far away so you will have to take a not of them when you come across them.

Energy Mirrors

For this kind of puzzle, the first thing you will need to do is find the reflective orb. To do this, look around and you’ll usually find them hidden by some foliage nearby. Sometimes they may even be blocked by some destructible objects. Once you’ve found the reflective orb, you just need to make the energy beam hit the right spot to get past this puzzle.

Pipes Puzzle

For this puzzle, you have to shoot panels to rotate pipes and your goal is to connect all of them from the start to the finish. Just shoot the panels to rotate the pipes as needed and that’s about it!

Time Trial

Before you begin this puzzle, clear the area of enemies because you’ll need all the time you can get. You start off by shooting an orb and once you do this, it will begin counting down like a clock. You will now have to find and stand on a glowing circle and then shoot the orb again to increase the time you have left. When you reach the last circle and are ready to take the last shot, shoot the secondary orb that will be present nearby the orb you were shooting all this while.

Shooting Orbs

For these puzzles, you will first have to use your amulet to activate the puzzle in the first place. You will now just have to shoot the glowing orbs to complete the puzzle. You don’t have to shoot the orbs in a particular order, but they can be difficult to find sometimes, especially later on in the game, so make sure you look around thoroughly.

Numerical Puzzle

You will know that you’ve come across this puzzle when shooting one orb causes all of the orbs to stop glowing. The way to complete this puzzle is to first notice what the tomb symbols are and to then count how many of these are present. You then just have to shoot the orb next to the corresponding number in the right order. FOr example, shoot the orb first which has only of the symbol next to it, then the orb with two of the symbols next to it, and so on.


You can find below the full list of achievements you can earn in the game.

Wonderful Things: Open the Sarcophagus Room in Harbin’s Dig Site (Secret)

One Simply Doesn’t Rush These Things: Annoy the Narrator

There’s no ‘I’ in Team…but there is a ‘me’: Complete a level with each of the first four Brigade members

This Is Becoming A Little Awkward: Exit a Sarcophagus 5 times without restarting

It’s not theft if you put it in a museum: Find a Relic

What have you got against pottery?: Destroy 100 pots

Nobody Likes a Show-Off: Chain 3 Amulet Attacks in a row

When is a door not a door?: Collect all the Canopic Jars

Queensberry Rules, ok?: Flatten 100 enemies with a melee attack

For Medicinal Purposes: Drink 6 health potions within a level without dying or restarting

Minted: Collect 10000 Gold from Chests

Not Out: Kill 501 Enemies

Master of the Mystical: Unlock/Find every kind of Amulet and Gem]

Purloined Letters: Complete the Main Diary Collection

To preserve the past is to save the future: Complete the Main Relic Collection

The Pharaoh’s Curse: Die 50 times

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Savant: Solve every kind of puzzle door across the game.

Stiff Upper Lip: Kill 20 enemies while on low health

Dangers Untold: Solve the Maze and open the door in Cutthroat Caverns (Secret)

Eye Say: Activate the Death Ray in the Great Pyramid level (Secret)

Pay the Piper: Open a Gold Door in Horde

Now that’s just not Cricket: Kill a teammate with any kind of trap

Everybody needs a Hobby: Rescue a teammate from a sarcophagus 10 times

Get down, Shep: Defeat the Guardian in The Towering Temple (Secret)

Save our souls: Destroy a Soul Cage

Capital shot: Kill 3 enemies with a single shot

Hydra’s teeth: Kill 100 skeletons

Smile, you Son of a B…: Shoot Seteki from Ammit’s Jaws

The trick is not minding that it hurts: Spend a total of 20 minute at the low health level

These are my fighting trousers: Melee kill 5 enemies in 30 seconds

Bully for you: Defeat The Champion in Hidden Valley (Secret)

The Mote out of thine eye: Complete the Beam Puzzle in Tunnels of Wadjet (Secret)

A secret door to another world?: Open the Hidden Relic Room in Forsaken City (Secret)

Evasive action: Get to Horde Wave 4 without taking any damage

I’m stuck with a valuable friend: Collect double the Gold of each of your teammates

Back from the mouth of hell: Complete the First Round in Horde

For King And Country: Banish Ammit and defeat Seteki without delivering the Coup de Grace

Master of the Armoury: Unlock all the weapons

7 League Boots: Travel for a little over 24 miles


To unlock skill points in the game, you must find certain relics in the game. You can see in your journal the relics you currently have and the ones you don’t. Each of the relics are hidden in each one of the levels of the game’s campaign. Each set consists of four relics and once you get a full set, you will unlock an Amulet. Each time you get a new Skill Point, make sure you get a new Amulet and equip it. You can find below all of the different sets of Relics to find in the game.

  • Relics of Power
  • Relics of the Swarm
  • Relics of Protection
  • Relics of Seteki
  • Relics of Eternity
  • Relics of Wonder
  • Relics of Enlightenment
  • Relics of War

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