Street Fighter 6 Guide – How to Earn Zenny and Level Up Quickly

It's all about the Zenny in World Tour, but how do you go about amassing a ton? How do you quickly farm XP? Find out here.

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Street Fighter 6 has Fighter Coins and Drive Tickets for purchasing items from the shop and Battle Hub vendor. However, there’s also Zenny, Capcom’s default currency which has appeared in titles like Breath of Fire, Mega Man Battle Network and Street Fighter 4.

In World Tour, it’s the currency used to purchase items, food and clothing for your avatar. That same clothing is available to show off outside of World Tour, so if you’re not satisfied with the Battle Hub’s goods, progress enough through the campaign, and you should see some cooler options.

Now for the million Zenny question: How do you quickly earn Zenny? Let’s look at the various ways.

Before that, it’s worth noting that Modern Controls can be ideal for this mode since you can assign certain characters’ Special Moves to a single button press and execute them for massive damage. Combos are also easy to pull off with little stress, thanks to the assisted combos feature. It’s better suited to long hours of farming, but Classic Controls will work just as well.

How to Earn Zenny Quickly

Win Fights

World Tour lets you challenge just about anyone you come across. Since the AI isn’t the best, it’s very much possible to defeat opponents who are several levels higher, thus increasing your avatar level and making it easier to farm lower-level foes. Certain opponents have objectives you can fulfil to earn additional rewards, and sometimes Zenny is included. You can see who has what to prioritize with Zenny and get more quickly in the early going.

Opponents in World Tour can’t be rematched, preventing target farming of a particular foe. Don’t worry – various Mad Gear Gang members roam the city and are always looking for a fight. If you run out of regular opponents, feel free to walk around and tackle a few for some quick Zenny and other items.

Walk Around, Break Stuff

Zenny can also be found in the environment. After unlocking Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick, you should gain more movement options in mid-air. It’s good for traversing to out-of-the-way spots and picking up Zenny lying around. Otherwise, broken crates, barrels, and other environmental objects can drop Zenny. You can also find some in chests, so keep an eye out for any while strolling.

Selling Items

You can sell any items you find, whether it’s food, materials or consumables that affect your stats. As you progress through World Tour, you’ll even come across Nuggets. They don’t have any other use but to be sold for large amounts of Zenny, with Bronze netting the least and Diamond the most. You can get them as rewards for completing objectives against certain opponents.

Complete Part-time Jobs

Sick of fighting the same incapable opponents again and again? Take a part-time job or three. These mini-games have different mechanics, which pay Zenny for a few minutes of playtime. They’re solid, but the catch is that most Zenny is from the higher difficulties, which only become available as you progress.

In Metro City, Hado-Pizza is a great option to farm since it doesn’t take much time. Other part-time jobs include Board Breaker, Ball Block Blitz, KA-RA-TE, and Scrap Heap are also good. Scrap Heap on the highest difficulty can net thousands of Zenny in less than two minutes. It’s similar to the bonus stage in Arcade Mode, where you bash a truck until it’s nothing but scrap.

There’s also Scrap Heap 2, located in Old Nayshall, though you have to finish the main story first. Complete the quest, “Resisting, Nayshall Style” and then speak to Scrap Factory MOUSE in the Lowlands during the daytime. They’ll task you with destroying auto rickshaws within the time limit. Do that on Hard difficulty, and you can earn tons of cash.

If you’re having trouble with Hard difficulty in part-time jobs, farm Easy and Medium. You’ll still get a decent chunk of Zenny without much trouble or time invested.

Complete Side Quests

Side Quests are fairly routine in World Tour, but don’t underestimate their rewards. For example, the “Learnin’ in the City” side quests can provide gear, items, consumables and XP in addition to Zenny. Since you only need to perform a few basic moves, they’re worth the time.

Other side quests worth pursuing include “Danger City Seminar -A,” which is available after completing “The Nightlife of Metro City” and rewards 9,000 Zenny. Subsequent steps only award XP, items, consumables and gear, and while they’re worth doing, it’s understandable to skip them if you’re only interested in the Zenny.

There are also “Subway Shenanigans” and “Barrel-Bustin’ Bonanza” in Chapter 8, which award 7,000 and 5,000 Zenny each, and “Hit Me With Your Best Snapshots” and “Sun Drenched Symposium – R” in Chapter 10. They award 8,000 and a whopping 10,000 Zenny, respectively. Not the highest number compared to grinding part-time jobs or selling Nuggets, but the other rewards can be worth it (since you can sell the items).

How to Level Up Quickly

Leveling up in World Tour means becoming stronger since your base stats improve and you gain more health. Though farming low-level opponents is good for some quick Zenny, you’ll want to fight those at the same level or higher for decent amounts of XP.

Don’t focus too much on fighting enemies that are twice your level or anything. They can take much more time to defeat, and the XP gain isn’t significantly worth it. Fight them when you’re strong enough. Anyway, there will be multiple high-level opponents as other areas become available, so don’t worry about the lack of competition. Of course, completing side quests is also an ideal source of XP, if you want a break from the fighting.

Make sure you visit different food vendors (like Shopkeeper Udon) as you progress in World Tour since they’ll sell dishes which provide EXP Boosts. If you want to level up a Style, the Blueberry Smoothie helps in this regard (though you need to get the Deliveries app for your phone, which requires completing a side quest).

Street Fighter 6 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out our official review here, and head here for more tips and tricks. You can also learn more about the Drive System and performing different actions here.

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