Streets of Rage 4 Guide – How To Access Retro Levels

Here’s how to find all the classic stages and their respective bosses.

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Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage 4 is a pretty good follow-up to Sega’s classic beat ’em up franchise. For all of its gorgeous new visuals, however, it hasn’t forgotten its roots. There are secret retro stages to discover and thankfully, they don’t require too much work to acccess.

The first retro level sees players taking on Jack from Streets of Rage 2. He’s encountered in the first stage of that game and isn’t too tough to beat. But how do you unlock the stage?

In the Police Precinct, before the security checkpoint, you’ll fight Barney who’s armed with a taser. After defeating him, leave the taser on the ground and take out the other enemies in the area. Once the way forward is revealed, a door with an arcade cabinet should open up. Use the taser on the arcade cabinet and you’ll find yourself facing Jack. Just remember to pick your star move reward by trashing the sign on the bottom right.

The next retro stage has you facing Zamza, also from Streets of Rage 2 and encountered in Stage 3. Defeating him will net another star move reward. To reach him, you’ll need to head to the Old Pier (aka the fourth stage in Streets of Rage 4). Beat up the baddies and once again, don’t use the taser that drops beforehand. Before hopping down to the lower level, you’ll see a door that leads to an arcade and a cabinet for Bare Knuckle (the series’ name in Japan). Use the taser on the cabinet and away you go.

Next up is a boss fight against Abadede from Streets of Rage 2, who appears in the fourth stage of the original game. The star move reward is located in one of the surrounding boxes once the fight concludes. To access it, you’ll need to find the arcade cabinet in the bikers’ bar in Underground. Just makes sure that none of the foes break it beforehand.

To get the taser to use on it, you’ll need Caramel, a named foe, to charge at it. Once the area is clear, pick up the taser, use it on the cabinet and away you go.

The last retro level will see you take on Mr. X from Streets of Rage 2. Yes, the final boss. Of course, you need to defeat his bodyguard first before facing him, making the fight that much tougher. To access it, you’ll need to find the arcade cabinet in the Art Gallery. It’s located in the room with the golden chickens (before the boss fight). The taser to activate it can be found behind some crates near the cabinet.

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