15 Hidden Secrets In The Division You Didn’t Notice

Ubisoft makes subtle references to games, movies and other entertainment media in The Division.

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Ubisoft just released their latest magnum opus- The Division is an open world shared world shooter,not unlike Destiny (except better!) set in a post apocalyptic New York, featuring a deft mix of the kind of addictive gameplay that made Destiny so great, and the kind of attention to detail in an engrossing open world that makes Ubisoft games stand out.

And it’s that last bit that really keeps us returning to The Division. Even when we’re not in the Dark Zone, or engaging in the incursion, or participating in any missions, we’re just taking the game’s highly detailed, intricate world in. The Division is full of little details and references to pop culture, things that probably slipped you by completely when you were playing the game- and in this feature, we list out 15 of those little secrets.

The best part is, there are probably many more similar secrets hidden in the world waiting to be found. That’s the beauty of the world of The Division.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Division is set in New York City, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles operate out of New York City… so it makes sense that there would be some references to one in the other, right? The Division references the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles very subtly- there is a coffee shop next to 7th Avenue. Near here, you can find on the ground some nunchuks, laying on top of a pizza box, saying ‘Radical!’

Really, this doesn’t even necessitate an effort for you to connect the dots- the nunchuks are, of course, the weapon that Michelangelo likes to use, while the pizza and the ‘Radical!’ refer to the Turtles’ favorite food and catchphrase respectively.

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