The Crew Mega Guide: Money Cheat, Challenge Codes, Perks, XP, Fastest Car And More

A complete guide for The Crew.

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Ubisoft and Ivory Tower’s massive open world racing game, The Crew is now available. Using this guide you will be able to find all wreck parts locations, learn all about perks and money cheats, level up and earn experience points faster. We also take a look at the fastest and the expensive car that The Crew has to offer along with detailed customization guide.

We have also listed codes for Golden Plates Challenges so that you can unlock them. Furthermore we also have fixes for any issues, errors or crashes that you may come across in the PC version along with miscellaneous tips and tricks for the game. And finally we have video guides for some of the trophies and achievements in the game.

The Crew has launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Perks Guide:

Whenever you complete any activity in The Crew you are going to be awarded with perks. You may feel that they are useless and rightly so as some of the ones provided early on are not worth it. The first few ones will offer you discounts and may be an increase in performance of several car parameters by just a few percentage. But as you start earning more and more perks, you will be offered massive discounts and in car and improvements in performance parameters. So keep heading back to your head quarters so that you can keep track of them.

All Wreck Parts Locations:

Mid West:

There are 20 Wreck Parts in the Midwest area of The Crew. If you find all of them you will be able to unlock the hidden “Hotrod HuP One” car. If you want to collect all of them you need to explore the entire map which will take a lot of time since the world is massive. The wreck parts will show up as blinking icons on the mini map on the player’s hud.  Once you get closer to the blinking icon, the beeping sound will get faster. Once you find all the wreck parts, return to your headquarters and unlock your vehicles. This will also unlock the Scrap Salvager achievement/trophy.

The South:

West Coast:

Mountain States:

East Coast:

How To Make Money Faster:

This is one of the easiest ways to make money faster in The Crew. You can visit landmarks which have been highlighted in the map. On discovering each you can earn $2000. The fast travelling option makes this real easier.

Money Cheat:

Another way to earn more money is to Rinse & Repeat ‘THE GETAWAY’ which is a story mission in The Crew.

Another Money Cheat And Fastest Way To Gain Experience Points (XP):

If the cops spawn right behind you, then you need to drive right at the centre of the road. Then you will outrun them.

Most Expensive And Fastest Car

Koenigsegg Agera R is the most expensive car in the game. It will cost you $1,107,000 or $245,975 Crew Points. You can test drive it which will unlock the Unlimited Testdrive Budget Trophy / Achievement.

Customizing A Car:

The Crew features an in-depth customization system allowing the player to change the paint to apply attractive stickers. You can visit a tuning shop and customize in 13 different categories. These are:

  • Color
  • Stickers
  • Interior
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper
  • Front Fender
  • Rear Fender
  • Skirts
  • Rims
  • Side Mirrors
  • Rear Wing
  • Hood

Check out the video above. You will also know how you can unlock the Facelift Trophy / Achievement.

Miscellaneous Tips And Tricks:

Engage in several activities across the map. There is a lot to explore in the game such as activities that will earn you skill points.

If you want to keep track of car parts, you should visit the Data Station.

The Crew encourages you to play co-op with your friends. That is best way to play. This will make sure you earn more experience points, level up and money much faster. For example if a activity is too tough you can tag along with your friends and make the balance tilt in your favor. The best way to do is to make a Crew or join on.

Participate in Skills Challenges. These come in several form which are: Climb, Escape, Follow, Jump, Precision, Scramble, Slalom, and Speed. They are auto-triggered should you pass through them. If completed, you will be awarded with prizes such as vehicle parts.

Golden Plates Challenge Codes:

These Golden Plates Challenges codes will unlock artworks and screens. Check out 12 of them below. Please note this may only work for European regions.

  1. 6M9E4A4U
  2. 9G7Q4K5G
  3. 2D2H5M7W
  4. 8C8T2F7L
  5. 7M2F4E7K
  6. 7F3A7C6F
  7. 9P8E9G3H
  8. 9P8W9T4T
  9. 9S7H9W5Y
  10. 4T4R6X6X
  11. 9K3H5N3F
  12. 3W2J7W2B

Fixing PC Specific Issues:

Uplayinstaller.exe crash: Verify your Steam Cache and try running the game again.

Random Crashes: Please make sure you have up to date drivers.

Story Mission markers missing: Restart the game and it should be fixed. If it does not verify Steam cache.

Preload Errors: Restart Steam.

Menu Bug: Go to Device Manager, Human Interface Devices and disable the gamepad driver.

Configuration File Location: C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\The Crew

Remove/Modify FPS Cap: Open PCScalability.xml with a text editor, find FPS=”30″ and make it 60 if you wish.

Achievements and Trophies Guide:

King of the Road
Earn every Trophy in The Crew

Unlimited Testdrive Budget
Testdrive the most expensive car. [Refer the guide above.]

Dominate the Midwest and get your first ink. This can be achieved by completing the story activities.

Tame the East Coast and earn your V2 ink. This can be achieved by completing the story activities.

Reestablish 5-10 control in The South and earn your V4. This can be achieved by completing the story activities.

Beat the cops in The Mountain States and earn your V6. This can be achieved by completing the story activities.

Ghost Bustin
Beat any Platinum Skill Ghost.

We Don’t Need Roads
Burn Nitro at exactly 88mph (141 km/h). You can achieve this with any car. You have to use the nitro exactly when you are 88mph.

The Crew
Complete a Mission while in a Crew (2-4 players)


Drive a pink and yellow car for 5 miles (8 km). Refer the video guide above to know more about this achievement/trophy.

First Offense
Escape a Police pursuit 100 times in FreeDrive.

Podium Placing
As a team (3-4 players), finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in a PvP Faction vs Faction Event.

Tune a car to level 510.

Stay Out of Trouble
Escape the Police at least once in each region.

Top Dog
Finish first in a free-for-all PvP Event.

Scrap Salvager
Build a Hidden Car from Wreck Parts. [Refer the guide above]

Hold The Line
Achieve a combined speed of 870 mph (1400 km/h) in a Crew (2-4 Players).

Made To Spec
Own a car with all its 5 Specs unlocked.

Street Smart
Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Street Spec Car.

Dirty Birdy
Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Dirt Spec Car.

Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Perf Spec Car.

Raid the Scoreboard
Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Raid Spec Car.

Circuit Training
Earn a Story Mission Platinum medal in a Circuit Spec Car.

Highway One Plus
Drive the length of Highway One while in a Crew (2-4 players).

Show Off
Perform a minute-long Stunt Combo.

Customize every Visual part of a car. [Refer the guide above.]

Never Drive Alone
Spend a total of 24 hours in a Crew (2-4 players).

Salt Rocket

Achieve a speed over 236 mph (380 km/h) on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The RUF CTR-3 and Koenigsegg Agera R are the two only capable cars to achieve that level of speed. However they are very costly. The former can be bought for $306,000 or 67,993 Crew Credits at Miami Car Dealer and the latter at Los Angeles Car Dealer for $1,107,000 or 245,975 Crew Credits. And your best is to drive from Las Vegas to Salt Flats.

United We Stand
Complete 50 Crew vs Crew PvP Events (2-4 players).

Road Trip
Drive to all 5 regions in a Crew during one session (2-4 players).

The Breadwinner
Increase your Daily Salary to 10,000 Bucks.

Remember My Name
Earn over 100,000 Reputation Points.

Enduring Spirit
Complete the Faction Mission Landmark Tour in a Crew (2-4 players)

Coast To Coast
Complete the Faction Mission Coast to Coast in a Crew (2-4 players)

Synchronized Spinning
Earn 3,000 Bucks from a Multiplayer Stunt Combo.

Walking-around Money
Have 500,000 Bucks in your wallet.

Star Service
Upgrade every Performance part on a vehicle to Platinum.

And The Award Goes To…
Earn over 10,000 Award Points.

Sir, Yes Sir!
Complete 10 Missions as leader of a Crew.

Rough Terrain
Drive 2000 miles (3,219km) offroad.

The Modfather
Tune a car to level 1299.

Conquer the West Coast, win the Face-off, and take the V8.

Data Tracker
Tap into 30 Data Stations in the United States.

Domestic Tourist
Visit 242 Landmarks in the United States.

Versatile Showman
Earn a Platinum Medal in each Skill type in all 5 Zones.

Man On A Mission
Complete 100 Missions.

Skills To Pay Bills
Earn a Gold medal on 500 Skills.

The Boss
Progress to Level 50.

Indy Car Racer

Drive 200 laps around the Little Eagle Speedrome in total. You can achieve this by using the Little Eagle Speedrome. The location is south-east of Chicago. Try and get a fast car to unlock this achievement.

Drive a total of 5,000 Miles (8047 km) in a single car.

The Extra Mile
Earn Platinum medals from all Story Missions.

This guide will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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