The Division 2 – Easter Eggs and Secrets You Might Have Missed

Secrets and strange things abound in Ubisoft Massive’s version of Washington D.C.

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Another month, another Ubisoft open world title that’s filled with Easter Eggs and secrets. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is more focused on loot gathering and cover-based shooting but Washington D.C. is jam-packed with things to discover. They may not help in raising your Gear Score but here are a few nice little secrets to keep an eye out for.


The Division 2 Alligator

While animals have mostly been unaffected by the Green Poison Virus, something has changed the alligator in the sewers just off of Jefferson Drive SW. Look for the nearby sewer entrance, head down and keep walking until you find a set of iron bars preventing your advance. You’ll see the tail of a large alligator along with its equally imposing silhouette just beyond. The alligator doesn’t react to you nor does it take any damage. Is it just there to freak one out? It wouldn’t be the worst thing you find in the sewers.

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