The Division 2 Guide – End Game, World Tiers, Strongholds, Specializations, and More

We also take a look at how you can get high end blueprints, Invader missions, farm mods for weapons and gears and the best DPS Talents in The Division 2.

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In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you can get high end blueprints, unlock specializations, farm mods for weapons and gears and the best DPS talents in The Division 2. And finally, we are also going to take a look at what lies beyond the end game,

How To Get High End Blueprints?

Getting high quality gear and weapons if of pivotal importance in The Division 2. The video below shows how you can procure high end blueprints.

Complete End Game Guide:

Update: This section of the guide was updated to include requirements for unlocking Tidal Basin Stronghold and World Tier 5.

Once you are done wiping out the Hyenas, True Sons, and Outcasts, a fourth faction called the Black Tusk will show up. In order to unlock various world tiers, you will need to take on the Black Tusk.

Once you have taken care of the above-mentioned factions, you will unlock invaded missions. Note that, The maximum level cap in The Division 2 is 30. After you reach level 30, your level is then represented by your Gear Score (basically level 30 added to the Gear Score represents your new level).

There are six main invaded missions. These are:

  • Space Administration HQ
  • Air And Space Museum
  • Potomac Event Center
  • Federal Emergency Bunker
  • Jefferson Trade Center
  • Grand Washington Hotel

Once you are done, it’s time to take on Stronghold missions.  There are four Stronghold missions. These are:

  1. District Union Arena: Needs 275+ Gear Score – (Complete Jefferson Trade Center and Grand Washington Hotel Invaded Missions)
  2. Capitol Building: Needs 325+ Gear Score – (Complete Air and Space Museum and Space Administration HQ Invaded Missions)
  3. Roosevelt Island: Needs 375+ Gear Score – (Complete Potomac Event Center and Federal Emergency Bunker Invaded Missions)
  4. Tidal Basin: Needs 425+ Gear Score – (Complete the Gatehouse Facility Priority Mission)

In order to advance through the World Tiers, you need to do 2 invaded missions, as well as the connected World Tier’s Stronghold.

The following are the Gear Score caps for each World Tier:

  • World Tier 1: 300 Gear Score (finish any of the 1st three Strongholds)
  • World Tier 2: 350 Gear Score (finish any of the 2 pending Strongholds)
  • World Tier 3: 400 Gear Score (finish the 3rd Stronghold mission)
  • World Tier 4: 450 Gear Score (finish Tidal Basin Stronghold Mission)
  • World Tier 5: 500 Gear Score (It’s possible to go above this cap by completing Invaded Missions, and procuring Proficiency Caches and Dark Zone caches.)

Furthermore, we also have a handy video guide that explain how end game works in The Division 2.

How To Unlock Specializations?

There are two conditions you need to fulfill before you unlock specializations. You need to reach level 30 and ensure you have completed the Roosevelt Island, District Union Arena and Capitol Building Strongholds. Once done, you will unlock the following three specializations: Demolitionist, the Survivalist and the Sharpshooter.

The video guide below explains it all.

How To Farm Mods for Weapons And Gear?

The video below shows off how you can farm mods for weapons and gear in The Division 2.

The Best DPS Talents:

What is the best DPS Talents in The Division 2? The video below answers that question!

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