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A complete guide for The Division.

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Almost three years after it was first announced, Ubisoft’s online open world shooter The Division is finally out.  There’s been a lot of anticipation surrounding its launch, and now that its finally here, a number of gamers are going to jump into its disease-ravaged version of Manhattan and pour hours and hours into progressing through the game.

And we’ve put together a guide with that in mind. With the help of this guide, you’ll be able to find crafting blueprints and their locations (weapons and gear), learn how to level up and earn experience points (XP) faster, earn money and credits quickly, Dark Zone credits, find Dark Zone chests and secret chests,  Dark Zone keys (DZ Keys), obtaining high end gear and best way to farm loot after reaching level 30.


The Division’s Manhattan is full of resources and blueprints you can use to craft weapons, gear, armour mods, weapon mods and more. These sources are scattered across the game world, and they come in different categories (Fabric, Weapon Parts, Tools, Electronic Parts and Division Tech).

Locations where these resources are found get reset every two hours, so you can go back to them for more of them if the need ever arises.

Scroll down to see how to get your hands on these blueprints.

Gear Blueprints


Unlocks automatically.

Blue Backpack
Unlocks after completion- Supply Drop: Penn Plaza Medical Supplies in Pennsylvania Plaza.

Purple Backpack
Complete all optional missions and encountersin Hell’s Kitchen and speak to the JTF Officer in the safe house.


Green Gloves
Unlocks automatically.

Blue Gloves
Unlocks after completion- Rescue: Pvt. O’Brian Side Mission in Chelsea.

Blue Gloves Blueprint Level 11
Complete all optional missions and encounters in Garment District and return to the Cavern.

Gloves Blueprint Level 16
Unlocks after completion- Investigation: Cleaner Informant in Times Square.


Unlocks automatically.

Blue Holster
Unlocks after completion- Rescue: Tenderloin Civilians in Tenderloin.

Knee Pads

Knee Pads
Unlocks automatically.

Blue Knee Pads
Unlocks after completion- Supply Drop: Chelsea Medical Supplies Mission in Chelsea.

Knee Pads Blueprint Level 17
Unlocks after completion- Supply Drop: times Square Winter Supplies in Times Square. 


Mask Blueprint Level 20
Unlocks after completion- Rescue: Flatiron Civilians.

Blue Mask
Unlocks after completion- Bounty: Axel Wallis in Garment District.


Unlocks automatically.

Vest Blueprint Level 19
You are required to complete Uplink Repair: Clinton.

Purple Vest
Complete all optional missions and encounters in Gramercy.

Blue Vest
Unlocks after completion- Uplink Repair: Hudson Yards.

Weapon Mods Blueprint

T2 Micro Red Dot Sight
Unlocks all wings in the Base of Operations and speak with the JTF Officer in the entrance hall.

Heavy Firing Spring
Complete all optional missions and encounters in Clinton and speak with the JTF Officer at the safe house.

Extended Magazine
Unlocks after completion- Bounty: Simon Burris in Clinton.

Omega Rifle Suppressor
Unlocks after completion- Bounty: Big G in Flatiron.

Heavy Magazine Spring
Unlocks after completion- Bounty: Wild Child mission in Hudson Yards.

Ti-RANT Suppressor
Unlocks after completion- Procurement: Security Cameras in Hudson Yards.

552 Holo Sight
Unlocks after completion- Rescue: Times Square Civilians.

Vertical Grip
Unlocks after completion- Uplink Repair: Tenderloin.

PEQ-15 Laser
Unlocks after completion- Rescue: Gramercy Civilians.

Gear Mods Blueprints

Gear Mod Blueprint Level 14
Unlocks after completion- Missing Person: Judy Walters in Hell’s Kitchen.

Performance Gear Mod Level 18
Unlocks after completion- Uplink Repair: Flatiron.

Performance Gear Mod
Unlock and upgrade first level of the Tech Wing in the Base of Operations.

Gear Mod
Complete all of the optional missions in Tenderloin and return to the safe house.

Weapons Blueprints 

Covert SRS
Unlocks after completion- Investigation: Sterilization Supplies in Pennsylvania Plaza.

586 Magnum
Unlocks after completion- Bounty: Lord of the 212 in Hell’s Kitchen.

M249 B
Unlocks after completion- Uplink Repair: Times Square.

Unlocks after completion- Supply Drop: Flatiron Antivirals.

Classic RPK-74
Unlocks after completion-Bounty: Michelle Mason.

Burst First MP-5 A4
Unlocks after completion- Supply Drop: Hudson Yards Armaments.

Military M60 E4
Complete all optional missions and encounters in Hudson Yards.

Double Barrel Shotgun
Unlocks after completion- Missing Person: Michael Dufrane in Garment District.

Military P416
Unlocks automatically. 

Black Market T821
Unlocks automatically.

Military M9
Unlocks automatically.

Px4 Storm Type F

Unlocks after completion- Missing Person: Heather Lau Side Mission.

Blue Military SCAR-H
Unlocks after completion-Uplink Repair: Chelsea.

Police M4
Unlocks after completion-Uplink Repair: Garment District.

How To Level Up Faster

Here are a few tips on how to level up quickly in The Division.

Help NPCs

While you wander around in The Division’s Manhattan, you will come across several NPCs asking for your help, usually asking for tiny little things like some water to drink. Help as many NPCs as you can, because doing so gives you plenty of XP. You should be careful about how to balance it, because these items the NPCs ask for usually come in handy during combat, so make sure you save some for yourself.

Upgrade the Security Wing

Upgrading your Base of Operations is going to be one of the most important things you do in The Division. Once you’ve completed enough optional missions, you will be able to upgrade the Security Wing, as a result of which you will gain access to perks which will give you huge XP boosts.

Complete and Replay Missions

Completing the main missions in The Division grants you huge amounts of XP, so it goes without saying that you should do as many of those as you can- do so on higher difficulties for better rewards- but missions can be replayed an infinite amount of times, so if you ever need to grind, all you need to do is replay old missions to level up.

Trigger ECHO Locations

There are several ECHO sequences scattered throughout The Division, which can be triggered during main missions or optional missions. Triggering them earns you plenty of XP, so if ever you have to go a little bit out of you way to find these ECHO locations, don’t hesitate to do so.

How To Make Money Faster And Easily:

Listed below are some tips that will help you earn credits in The Division easily.

Visit the Dark Zone Often

Some of the best gear and loot in The Division is found in the Dark Zone. While they come in handy in the middle of combat, these items can also fetch very high prices if you decide to sell them. So make sure to visit the Dark Zone often, and extract as much gear and loot as you can.

Grind and Explore

Rather than buying a good weapon or piece of armour once it unlocks for a high price, you should spend more time grinding and exploring the high level areas and the Dark Zone. Chances are you’ll stumble upon some really good gear without having to spend a single dime on it.

Complete As Many Optional Missions As You Can

This goes without saying, but if you find yourself in need of some extra credits, you should go ahead and complete as many optional missions as you can. Check your map, check the notice boards, and complete as many optional missions as you can to get some extra XP and credits.

Farming Dark Zone Credits:

While inside the Dark Zone in The Division, you will come across vendors selling weapons, gear, armour, mods and more that are specialized for the area. However, you cannot use the regular in-game currency to buy these. You need Dark Zone Credits, which are pretty hard to come by.

Given below are a few tips and methods that you can use to get your hands on some Dark Zone credits quickly.

Going Rogue

Players who have fireteams in The Division can go rogue to earn fast money- but it is not going to be easy. If one player goes rogue, so does the entire party. Rogue agents earn DZ Credits much faster than regular agents, but their death penalties are also higher, so the key is the go rogue and then stay alive, and kill as many agents as quickly as possible.


Dark Zone Chests contain incredible loot and gear, along with plenty of Dark Zone Credits, but you can only open them with Dark Zone Keys. To do so, you need to target and eliminate enemies, AI and human alike.

Dark Zone Chests Locations:

Once you retrieve a chest in the Dark Zone, you will also have access to credits and gear. In order to open them you would need DZ Keys. We will cover the keys part in a bit but first below you will find the locations of chests.


There are two chests here. The first chest can be found at E 31st Street. You will find a burning architecture and besides that, you will come across a alleyway. This is where the first chest is located. The second chest is located underground at the 1151, 1955 coordinates. Travel through the underground and you will come across a train. This is where the second chest is located.


There are three chests here. The first one is located near Kalkesse Sports Store. Once you are there you will come across a car parking area. Head inside and then upstairs to find the chest. The second one is inside Madison Library and for the last chest, you need to move away from Kalkesse Sports Store and inside the quarantine zone. You would need to take care of enemies and then search the area for the chest.

Secret Chest Locations:

These are unlike the ones we covered above. This can be used only once and don’t require DZ Keys. You can find them during Warengate Power Plant mission, at Times Square from Broadway Street, during Grand Central Station mission, Russian Consulate mission, Subway Morgue mission, Rooftop Comm Relay mission, Police Academy mission and Amherst Apartment mission.

Dark Zone Keys (DZ keys):

There is no fixed locations for these keys. You need to enter the Dark Zone and kill as many enemies as you can, specially the harder ones. Some of them may drop the keys.

Obtaining High End Gear:

A Redditor has made an in-depth guide about how you can obtain high end gear. You can check it out here.

Best Way To Farming Loot After Reaching Level 30:

Follow this route within the Dark Zone:  West 31st Street -> Extraction Point -> East 33 Street -> Basketball Court -> Underground> Basketball Court -> Sports Centre ->  Extraction Point -> 6th Ave and 38th Street -> Safehouse -> Madison Street -> West 31st Street -> Rinse and Repeat.

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