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Recently we have heard alot from our Sports Simulation Game Developers  over at Electronic Arts. EA Games for those in the dark for all of our previous years we have gone out and purchased titles such as the Madden and NHL Franchises that EA develops for us. I for one am a big fan of both games and play rather vigorously the online play always keeps me hooked and leaves me asking for more. Now say if there was a situation where Online Play wasn’t free for their titles anymore.  How would that make you feel if you bought a game for online purposes and had to shell out and extra 10 or 15$’.  Well folks that is what our friends over at EA are hiding up their sleeves even though it’s not much of a secret anymore.

They do make some impressive games.

EA is implementing  a new standard on all their future sports games titles starting with Tiger Woods PGA Tour  11. Your probably asking what is this child talking about well here it is try not to tear up used game consumers. The EA Online Pass it even sounds menacing wouldn’t you say? This EA online pass is very much like a ticket to the online gaming portion of any EA Sports Title being released after Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and for that title as well. There is only one way to get your hands on this little Online Pass and that is to buy the game new wrapped up factory sealed or well you get the picture.

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Alright so what’s the big deal then you may be asking? Well here is the kicker and upsetting truth this prevents people who purchased the game used to play online with friends or interact with the online portion of the game at all. From my point of view I’m not affected because I’m not much of a used game kinda guy. However there a tons of them out there that all like to save money in whatever way they can but I’m sure they like to play online as well. The problem what effect does this have on Retailers who pride themselves on Used Game Sales such as “GameStop”. I can’t even count how many times I have been asked to buy a title used or contribute to their Used Game Quota for the Month.

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This generally has a negative effect on GameStop and  their used game sales or does it?  I would go as far as to say Game stop floats upon their Used Games but hey what do I know . However the strange part is GameStop has jumped on board the Online Pass with other publishers such as THQ and UbiSoft.  According to me and a few buddies I have discussed with this over Xbox Live we have pretty much come to the conclusion that for some of us who buy Used EA Sports Titles will bash this new ruling at first but eventually will cough up the cash.  Gamestop has said something very similar as well sure at first gamers will bash this but eventually they we will come to learn and live with the cost. There really isn’t much more to say on the matter except to live with and in the long run I’m sure this will all be a distant memory.

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