The Elder Scrolls 6: 15 Things We Don’t Want To See In The Sequel

Can the developers of Skyrim up their game to a new generation of gamers?

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Bethesda Game Studios, the developers of The Elder Scrolls series have created a fantastic, fantasy, action RPG series that breathed life into an other wise overused genre. From lizard men to cat people, even humans and dark elves, The Elder Scrolls lets the player express his or her inner role and become what has always been dreamed of.

Oblivion on Xbox 360, PC and PS3 for its time was mind blowing. A great land, deep in mystery and intrigue. Guilds and secret wars aplenty, greed and honor among thieves thrived throughout Cyrodiil. Beautiful and loaded with massive set pieces, Oblivion showed us how far games had come and tested our might to see how much we could handle.

Skyrim on said systems went even further than Oblivion. Shrouded in deep history about dragons once ruling the land: That time had once again come. And it was up to the Dragonborn to stop the evil from taking over the land of Skyrim. Dungeons were bigger, the land was more lush and powers, guilds, abilities, weapons and stories were all fleshed out much more. Gathering the power of the Dragonborn and using shouts brought a whole new level of insight into Skyrim again and reinventing what ground was already laid down from previous entries.

With a new, single player Elder Scrolls probably in the works, we’re going to take a look at 15 things we don’t want to see in the next game in the award winning series.

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Monotone Quests

Not all, but many of Skyrim’s missions were often lagging behind those found in Oblivion. Where Oblivion had long, varied quests, Skyrim went the route of long and pretty much the same. Many of the quests felt similar to the last. With Elder Scrolls 6 we’d like to see more variety in missions. Instead of “go get this and bring it back,” we want, “go get this. Bring it to her. Transform into this to be able to reach that.” This could potentially sprout a new experience from the old repetitive mission focus.

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