The Elder Scrolls 6 or Skyrim 2: Improving Loading Times

Cutting down loading times will go a long way in making the next Elder Scrolls a seamless experience.

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While there hasn’t yet been confirmation about a Skyrim 2 or The Elder Scrolls 6, we have been working hard trying to figure out what the game would need to include in order to be as high quality as possible. There are a multitude of features that could be included as well as tweaks to existing features that have recently shown up in other Bethesda games. While features and perks are all well and good, one thing the company has to do in order to make sure it has a quality game is make sure it runs as well as possible.

This means that above all else, Bethesda needs to make sure and find a way to cut down on loading times between one part of the world or another. One of the games that Bethesda might be able to take notes from is a game like The Division. Despite being a title that is supposed to basically be entirely online, the developers have said load times are going to be kept to a minimum. This will allow players to feel like they are deeply immersed in the world created.

The longer people have to wait for the next screen to load, the more people can feel as though they aren’t really inside the game. It would behoove Bethesda to work hard on this, either using a new engine, or adapting the old one to run smoother in order to get rid of long load times. If the company can do this, they could have a winner on their hands, whenever Skyrim 2 or Elder Scrolls 6 eventually launches.

This article is part of our weekly series on Bethesda’s next big entry into the world of The Elder Scrolls. Through this series we take a look at the possible new features that Bethesda can add into the next The Elder Scrolls game, based on what they implemented in the previous entries and player feedback.

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