The Last Guardian Appearing at E3 2014 – Rumour

The speculation deepens about a possible appearance of The Last Guardian at E3.

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Update 2: Rumor debunked.

Update: A user emailed us comparing the font of the deleted tweet [pictured below] and the ones that are actually on Arata’s Twitter feed. And although there is a difference, fonts do look a bit different across different browsers, monitor resolution and devices.  For comparison’s sake we took a screenshot of Arata’s Twitter feed and pasted it on his live feed. They sure look similar to us. We are not defending this article. We are only merely stating that fonts look slightly varied across different configurations. Again, this is a rumor and it needs to be taken with a grain of salt as usual.


Original Story:

It’s E3 season again and with it comes the perfunctory stream of rumours, ramblings and crazy talk. However, 2014 seems to have a slightly different tone. Whether it was the massive information leak in January that revealed – among other things – that Microsoft had a Kinect-less Xbox One to announce or From Software’s PS4-exclusive Project Beast, this year has thus far had a tendency of rumours coming true.

Although there have been multiple rumors in the past about Team ICO’s The Last Guardian being retooled for the PS4, but there’s a twist. Here’s where we get into true “grain of salt” territory. GamingBolt received a tip regarding Arata, a Twitter user who is a friend of Fumito Ueda. Ueda served as the designer and director for the game before eventually leaving Sony. He’s still a special consultant on the project though.

The Last Guardian E3 2014

The tweet from Arata was in Japanese (pictured above) and translated as: “I can not wait for the Steller’s sea eagle Toriko show of flesh-eating at # E3. I hope you are all doing well.” That tweet has since been removed.

A Steller’s Sea Eagle is a large bird of prey and Toriko is the name of The Last Guardian’s beast. The Japanese name for Steller’s Sea Eagle is “0-washi”. What happens to be the Japanese name of The Last Guardian?

“Hitokui no Ōwashi Toriko/Trico” or “Trico/Toriko, the man-eating eagle”.

Again, all of this just fits together all little too conveniently so take it all as a rumour for now (the tweet doesn’t even explicitly mention the PS4…or even the PS3 for that matter). One thing is for sure though – this wouldn’t be the first time The Last Guardian was rumoured to be reappearing at E3 after being announced in 2009. Nonetheless, Sony has confirmed that the game is still in development and nothing could serve as a bigger surprise at E3 than The Last Guardian being announced for PS4. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks Mogtaba Aarabi.

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