The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide – All Dragon Locations and How to Get Their Parts

The dragons are invaluable due to their precious materials and involvement in the main quest. Here's how to find them all.

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The Legend of Zelda - Tears of the Kingdom - Dragon

If there wasn’t enough to do in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (on top of the great story), there are dragons. Flying through the skies and occasionally through Depths before emerging through various chasms, these three dragons correspond to separate elements. Except for the Light Dragon, but we’ll get to that.

The dragons aren’t restricted to a single region. They’ll often float through multiple locations, so landing on their scaly hides is tough. Fortunately, there are Skyview Towers and rocks from the sky to use Recall on, plus you can construct Gliders to approach them from the Sky Islands. Of course, if you wait near the Chasms, where they usually go into the Depths, you jump on them as they dive in. Just ensure you have meals that can heal Heart Containers damaged by the Gloom.

When landing on a dragon, attack its body parts to obtain Dragon Scales, Shards, Claws and Horns (though these sometimes fall onto the surface as well). Remember that a dragon won’t drop any materials if not glowing.

When cooking the Shards, you gain an additional 1 minute and 50 seconds to an Elixir. However, Fuse them with weapons, and they gain +16 Attack with a Shard and +26 with a Horn. They’ll also impart their elemental properties, allowing for easy weapons that deal fire, ice and shock damage.

Without further ado, here are the locations for all dragons and what you need to consider when interacting with them.

All Dragons and Their Locations

How to Find Farosh

Farosh is the dragon of lightning and hangs out around Lake Hylia and the Gerudo Desert. He’ll also fly into the East Gerudo Chasm, but the best way to approach him is via the Gerudo Canyon and Gerudo Highlands Skyview Towers. Their coordinates are “-2432, -2178, 0307” and “-3960, -1312, 0429” on the map in your Purah Pad.

As you may have guessed, it disperses lightning, which can deal an absurd amount of Shock damage if you don’t have any meals or Elixirs with shock resistance. Cook Electro Steam Mushrooms (Hyrule Herbs + Zapshrooms) or Stormy Simmered Fruit (Shock Fruits), and eat them for shock resistance.

If you don’t have the relevant materials, there is an alternative. Go to the Whistling Hill Cave in Hyrule Field at the coordinates “-0073, -1045, 0019,” and you’ll find a chest. Inside is the Rubber Armor, which provides Shock resistance and should keep you relatively safe. Avoid equipping any metal weapons, shields and bows as well.

Cooking meals that grant additional hearts and tracking arrows (Fuse Keese eyeballs with arrows) to target body parts will also help, so keep that in mind.

How to Find Dinraal

Dinraal is the fire dragon seen floating through the skies above Deep Akkala and the Eldin Mountains. It enters the Depths via East Akkala Plains Chasm. Use the Ulri Mountain and Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Towers to spot it more easily. You’ll need to fix both towers to use them.

The former (located at “3491, 2019, 0188”) requires hunting down an Aerocuda who stole the control panel, while the latter (at “0343, 3133, 0180”) requires moving some floating blocks with Ultrahand.

Heat resistance is important, so you’ll want to cook Winterwing Butterfly or Cold Darner with other monster parts. It grants a Chilly Elixir to withstand the heat. You can also cook meals with Hydromelons, Chillfin Trout and Chillshrooms to get heat resistance. If that’s not enough, go to the Kara-Kara Bazaar in Gerudo Village and purchase the Desert Voe armor or the Sapphire Circlet for resistance.

Once again, use tracking arrows to break parts from Dinraal and use them to augment your weapons with Fire damage. You’ll also want to avoid having any wooden weapons or shields since they can easily catch on fire.

How to Find Naydra

Naydra, the ice dragon, is located near East Necluda and Mount Lanayru, and will often venture through the East Hill Chasm to the Depths. It’s near Kakariko Village, so you can’t miss it. The Mount Lanayru (3844, -1307, 0539) and Rabella Wetlands (2420, -2760, 0222) Skyview Towers also provide a good view of the surrounding area, making it easier to locate her.

The former requires venturing through the cold to reach. You’ll want meals like Spicy Simmered Fruit (Apple and Spicy Pepper) and Spicy Pepper Seafood (Ancient Arowana and Spicy Pepper) for cold resistance. A Spicy Elixir, brewed from a Summerwing Butterfly or Warm Darner with monster parts, is also good. Otherwise, go to Rito Village and purchase the Snowquill armor set for cold resistance. The Ruby Circlet from Gerudo Village is also good for warding off the cold.

As usual, use tracking arrows to get Naydra’s parts and beware of her attacks.

How to Find the Light Dragon

The Light Dragon is an exception since it doesn’t have an associated element, so you don’t need any elemental resistances. Instead, it has the Master Sword, which Link will need to fight Ganondorf. To get it, you first need to go to the Korok Forest, which requires clearing the Lost Woods. Help the Deku Tree and then speak with it to receive the quest “Recovering the Hero’s Sword.”

Track the quest in the Purah Pad, since it will show the Light Dragon’s location. You could always find it on your own when exploring Hyrule, but since it traverses the whole map, it’s better to get the main quest and location marker. Unlike the other dragons, it doesn’t venture into the Depths and remains accessible on the surface.

However, there’s another reason to wait and get some more upgrades. Removing the Master Sword from the Light Dragon’s head requires two wheels of Stamina. And no, getting extra Stamina from meals and Elixirs doesn’t work. You need to upgrade your Stamina by obtaining Lights of Blessing from Shrines. If you try to pull the Master Sword without the requisite amount of Stamina, you’ll fall off.

If you spent all your upgrades on Heart Containers instead of Stamina, don’t worry. Visit the cursed statue in the Lookout Landing’s emergency bunker (which is introduced quickly after returning to the surface). It takes away Heart Containers and Stamina for 100 Rupees and lets you purchase them as essences for 120 Rupees each. The latter can be either, so sell a Heart Container for 100 Rupees and buy it back as an essence of Stamina essence for 120 Rupees to upgrade the latter.

Then, once you’ve gotten the Master Sword, you can come back and undo everything. Of course, the process is expensive, so it’s better to equally upgrade your Heart Containers and Stamina while exploring Hyrule to avoid massive costs.

Also worth noting is that the Light Dragon will periodically drop its Horns, so dive down to pick them up. Fusing them weapons grants a healing effect on attacks. Even if you can’t pull out the Master Sword, this is a very useful perk to have.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review here. You can also learn more about how long the story takes to beat here. For more tips and tricks, head here.

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