The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide – All Geoglyph and Dragon’s Tear Locations

Want to learn more about the story and unlock the true ending? You'll need all the Dragon's Tears - here's how to find them.

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the legend of zelda tears of the kingdom

As you explore Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll notice these strange glyphs carved into the surrounding environment. These Geoglyphs are visually striking, but there’s a deeper purpose to them. If you get close enough, you’ll discover a Dragon’s Tear, which provides a Memory involving Princess Zelda. Said Memories also unlock while playing through the story.

While not essential to completing the game, collecting the Dragon’s Tears will provide more context on certain events and are required for the true ending. There are 11 Geoglyphs to discover, and after finding all of their associated Dragon’s Tears, you can collect the 12th Dragon Tear.

You can find the Geoglyphs in any order, though it’s probably best to go through them sequentially to experience the reveals as intended. It’s also a good idea to get the Glide Set since you’ll be skydiving a lot. It provides extensive mobility, and the set bonus negates fall damage entirely.

Without further ado, here are all the Geoglyph locations:

Geoglyph 1: Hyrule Ridge

Located at “-1280, 0920, 0101” in Hyrule Ridge, this Geoglyph is part of the main quest, “Impa and the Geoglyphs.” Meet her and construct the balloon to fly up. A Geoglyph of Rauru should be visible from above. Jump and glide down, then check its right eye for the Dragon Tear. Talk to Impa, then go to the Forgotten Temple in the Tabantha Frontier. Head to the back, past the Mayausiy Shrine (though activate it to have a fast travel point). Keep going past the collapsed statue of Hylia into the open door.

You’ll see a rock formation surrounding some device in the middle. Walk past it and drop down into a room with the remaining Geoglyphs engraved on the walls. Look down, and you’ll see a map of sorts. Climb up to get a better look, and you’ll see that this map shows the location of all the Geoglyphs. Take a picture and look it up anytime you’re confused about where the Geoglyphs may be located.

Geoglyph 2: Tabantha Hills

Located at “-2547, -1883, 0320,” you’ll easily spot this from the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Once in the air, look to the northeast to see it. The Geoglyph depicts a castle entrance – the Dragon’s Tear will be within the filled-in tear shape above the central “door.”

Geoglyph 3: Border of Lananryu Wetlands and Eldin Canyon

This Geoglyph is located at “1841 0731, 0089,” northeast of Zelo Pond, and is easily visible from the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower. Check south of the tower, and you’ll see a Geoglyph resembling the Purah Pad. Upon landing, investigate the three smaller “lashes” in the center. Check the filled-in one for the Dragon’s Tear.

Geoglyph 4: West Necluda

Located at “0692, 1313, 0053,” southeast of Batrea Lake, this Geoglyph is near the Popla Hills and Sahasra Slope Skyview Towers. However, since it’s nestled among the trees, you’ll have a tougher time seeing the exact location of the Tear from above. The Geoglyph resembles a door of some kind – look to the seemingly faded upper right. You’ll see that this part is obscured by the trees when landing. The Dragon’s Tear should be nearby.

Geoglyph 5: Sapphia’s Table

Located at “-23164, -1706, 0422,” it’s hard to miss when in Gerudo Town. You can glide from the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower, but the Geoglyph is on the mountain’s slopes, so bring some stamina-restoring food and elixirs for climbing. Alternatively, you could climb up Sapphia’s Table and drop down from above. Either way, the Geoglyph seemingly depicts a Zonai Steward Construct – check its right shoulder for the Dragon’s Tear.

Geoglyph 6: Illumeni Plateau, Hyrule Ridge

Located at “-3091, 0074, 0211,” it’s best approached by gliding from the Gerudo Highlands since you’ll get a better view of its location. The Geoglyph resembles Sonia, the first Queen of Hyrule. If you check the bottom-left side of it, you’ll see a filled-in tear shape. That’s where the Dragon’s Tear is.

Geoglyph 7: Gogobi Shores, Necluda

Located at “3324, -3571, 0005,” on the eastern side of the Gogobi Shores. When approaching from the air, it’s hard to miss – this Geoglyph is one massive dagger extending across the hooked land mass. Look at the left side of the dagger’s hilt when facing upright. There will be a filled-in section where the Dragon’s Tear is.

Geoglyph 8: Tabantha Tundra

Located at “1862, 3519, 0237,” it’s in the northern part of the North Tabantha Snowfield. You can glide from the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower, though stamina-restoring food and elixirs will be needed. The Geoglyph seems to depict a large mask, though it’s actually the Gloom emitting from Ganondorf. Check the leftmost side of the Geoglyph, just above the arm, for a filled-in section. Drop into it for the Dragon’s Tear.

Geoglyph 9: Talus Plateau, Lanayru Wetlands

Located at “4468, -0302, 0075,” just east of Horon Lagoon. Glide from Mount Lanaryu Skyview Tower, and you’ll notice a Tear-shaped Geoglyph. Look for the edge, which has three tear-shaped parts on the outside. You’ll see the filled-in shape and find the Dragon’s Tear there.

Geoglyph 10: Mount Faloraa, Faron

Located at “-0649, -2685, 0068,” on the eastern point of Mount Faloraa, near the coast leading to Hylia Island. The Geoglyph looks like one of the stones used for a Shrine. You’ll notice two flower-like growths on the other side. Check the left side’s centre for the filled-in part to find the Dragon’s Tear.

Geoglyph 11: Eldin Mountains

Located at “0885, 2951, 0363,” just northeast of the Sikukuu Shrine. You can also use the Thyphlos Ruins Skyview Tower and glide slightly towards the southeast. The final Geoglyph depicts the Master Sword, and the 11th Dragon’s Tier is in the tip. Check the filled-in section to find it.

The final Dragon’s Tear will now become available. The quest marker leads to the Rist Peninsula at “ 4530, 2142, 0001.” Fast travel to the Gemmick Shrine, and you’ll see it close by.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available for Nintendo Switch. Check out our official review.

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