The Witcher 3: No Branching Stories & No Auto Scaling Enemies

Pirouette, dear Witcher! Dance as though no one is watching!

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CD Projekt RED has revealed some new information regarding their upcoming Sandbox RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The Community managers have said that the games monsters won’t auto scale. If you don’t know quite what that means, you need only think back to the first time you played Oblivion and got slaughtered by Skeletons in the ruins. Auto scaling means to keep monsters at a playable level, in The Witcher 3 you may well be killed in one blow if you just so happen to stumble into the den of a massive creature.

Further more, thankfully, there are no more timed quests! Take your time and enjoy the world that is being unfurled beneath your monster slaying feet. Dawdle through the main quest at a pace which best suits you and slay until your heart is content. The branching story feature that was an interesting inclusion in The Witcher 2 has been cut from the game, while this won’t change the fact that the player still has to make choices with serious ramifications, it does mean that replay value will take a hit, but the game is expected to be so huge that this shouldn’t be an issue.

Combat overhauls have been implemented to only include the best parts of The Witcher 2’s gameplay and that includes a refined and improved dodge mechanic that allows Geralt to dodge, evade, roll and ….half pirouette? And thankfully, Wild Hunt will be making use of a grid based inventory, which I think we can all agree is the best kind. Resident Evil 4’s attache case, anyone?


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