Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 Guide – How to Unlock Officer Dick and the Alien

Both hidden characters require quite a bit of work to obtain.

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While you won’t find the likes of Spider-Man waiting in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2, there are still some interesting characters to unlock. These are Officer Dick, with actor Jack Black lending his likeness, and the Alien who’s, well, an alien. Unlocking Officer Dick means completing the Rags to Riches challenge, which is quite the task.

You essentially need to complete 24 challenges with a Create-A-Skater (other skaters won’t count). Here are all the challenges that must be completed, that too without Game Mods:

  • Grindy Grabby – With a Grind Trick and Grab Trick, hit a 30,000 point combo. Manuals and Reverts cannot be used.
  • Halfpipe Dream – Using a Grab and Lip trick, hit a 20,000 Point combo. No Specials can be used.
  • High Flier – Hit a 15,000 point combo off of the Flying High gap in the Hangar.
  • How Stimulating – With at least two Reverts, hit a 45,000 point combo on the Manual Stimulation gap in Philly.
  • 3 Moves Down –  Earn a +20,000 points combo with no Specials and with only three moves.
  • 4, But Never Fourth – Earn a Gold Medal Score on one of the four Competition Parks.
  • 5 and Away – With at least one Revert, hit a +5 move combo. No Grinds, Specials or Flatlands can be used.
  • 8 Channel TV – Using 8 non-Special tricks, hit a 40,000 point combo.
  • Be Special – With at least one Special, hit a 25+ move combo. No Grind Tricks can be used.
  • Goldenrod – Collect a Gold Medal on each Competition Park.
  • Grey Was Here – With at least one Manual and Lip Trick, hit a 50,000 point combo on the Grey Grind gap in Roswell.
  • Lips ‘n Stuff – With a Revert and one non-Special Lip Trick, hit a 10,000 Point combo.
  • Mallway Space – With at least one Grab Trick, hit a 25,000 point combo in the For the Atrium gap in Mall.
  • Seasick – In any Classic Goal Park, hit a combo score higher than “Sick”.
  • Sicknasty – On all Classic Goal Parks, hit a combo score higher than “Sick”.
  • Siiiiiick – On five Classic Parks, hit a combo score higher than “Sick”.
  • Up on the Roof – With at least one Grind Trick, hit a 20,000 point combo on the Drop Out Roof gap on School II.
  • Poolside Burn – With at least one Grab Trick, hit a 40,000 point combo in the Over Da Pool gap in Burnside.
  • Re-Revert – Using at least two Reverts and a Grab Trick, hit a 15,000 point combo. No Grinds or Specials are allowed.
  • Salt Flats – On the Flatlands, hit a +15 move combo with only non-Special Flip Tricks.
  • Beach Party – With at least one Grind Trick, hit a 35,000 point combo on the All the Way gap at Venice Beach.
  • Downtown Dirty – With at least one Lip Trick, hit a 30,000 point combo on the “Dirty Rail” gap in Downtown.
  • Gaps, Gaps, Gaps – On any of the Classic Parks, land a gap.
  • Go For The Gold – Head to any of the Competition Parks and earn a Gold medal.

Complete all of these challenges for the Rags to Riches challenge and Officer Dick is yours.

How to Unlock the Alien

Unlocking the Alien is slightly easier but involves looking for 19 different alien plushies. There’s one plushy in each level and given how fairly well hidden they are, it’s best to refer to the video guide below. Upgrading your Speed and Ollie stats will help in obtaining them so keep that in mind while hunting.

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