Top 10 First Person Shooters this generation

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There have been a ton of great first person shooters released this generation. But the thing unique about this generation is that majority of the FPS based games released have been top notch. Certainly this is one area of gaming where the standards have increased drastically and where standard increases competition is bound to be increased. In this article we present to you the Top ten FPS games this generation.

10. Halo 3:

Update: This video is no longer available.

Microsoft’s premium shooter was one of the biggest exclusives of 2007. Master Chiefs last hurrah was worth the wait and Bungie really did pushed the gameplay to the max, even though the visuals were on the lower side. The multiplayer was fun and the game had a solid and long single player campaign. Any case Halo 3 makes it to the spot ten on our list.

9. Unreal Tournament III:

Update: This video is no longer available.

The game was first shown at E3 2005 at Sony’s press conference and the day i saw that trailer I knew that this will be one game which people will never forget after playing it. Epic’s fame series gets number nine on the spot. Although i was a bit disappointed since the game had a very bland single player, but the multiplayer was classic.

8. F.E.A.R.

Without a shadow of doubt, FEAR is one of the most awesome game that combines the elements of a horror and first person shooter games. Featuring a young girl who is one your biggest nightmare in the game and awesome gunplay and slow mo mechanics this is one of the games that set the standards of FPS way back in 2005.

7. Call of Duty 2

You are going to see this series pop up more than once in this list. Developers Infinity Ward are a talented group of developers who know how to max. out any platform. The game sold over 2,50,000 copies in its first week and finally went to sell over 1.4 million copies worldwide. That was impressive for a launch game. Only thing that goes against this game is the PC version had support up to 64 players while the 360 had only 8.

6. Metroid Prime: Corruption

The game was not only a first person shooter but i will like to label it as an action adventure first person shooter. Players take the role of Samus Aran and have to use their Nunchuck to lock on to enemies and to perform various plat forming sections in the game. Featuring great visuals, I guess one of the best on the Nintendo Wii yet, this one makes to position six on the list.

5. Bioshock:

Bioshock has to be one of the most finest shooters this generation. The developers at 2K have nailed this game on the spot. The most unique thing about this game was the variety in enemies and the plasmids. I have never played an FPS before that utilizes the elements like water, air and fire so perfectly. Also the interaction that the player has with the little sisters is one which you will never find in any other game.

4. The Orange Box

Update: This video is no longer available.

For 60$ you can get 5 games. Now these five games are utter classics. Half life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal and Team Fotress. Now that’s a real steal, right? If you are a FPS genre fan and have not brought this game than I must say you are in the minority. This is  Half Life action at its very best and when you can get 5 AAA games at the cost of one, you should just stop reading this article and go out and buy this one.

3. Killzone 2

Update: This video is no longer available.

From the moment that Killzone 2 was announced back at E3 2005 with that infamous CG rendered trailer, i thought Sony have dug a a big hole for themselves from which they will never come back. That trailer was epic in proportions, nobody during those days could have imagined that such a feat will even be possible. Half a decade later Sony releases Killzone 2 and the game was hands down “epic”. Killzone 2 is an amazing feat, right from the Single Player Campaign to the awesome multi player modes found online.

2. Crysis

Update: This video is no longer available.

An open ended first person shooter Crysis developed by Crytek is a kind of its own. Featuring life like visuals and entertaining gameplay and the way players can execute their mission is mind bloggling. The explosions, the vehicle chases are truly awesome and this game must be played at all costs provided you have a PC than can run this monster. Crysis would have it to the top on our list but it misses out due to its steep hardware requirements.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Update: This video is no longer available.

Call of Duty: MW is hands down one of the best first person shooter released this generation. I know that a minority would not agree with me, but the truth is that the game deserves this spot. Yeah I know this game has some of the best visuals for an FPS but that’s not the reason its here. The game was remarkable for having moments that were never ever seen in previous FPS games. Combined that with an awesome Multiplayer and various online modes found, Modern Warfare proudly sits at Number One spot on our list.

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