Top 10 Hilarious Physics Fails In Skyrim

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Bethesda’s RPG’s normally have a world where the user can do anything and everything he wants, and while that gives it a huge advantage over other RPG’s, there are some nasty side effects due the limitations of console hardware and the impossibility of bug testing the entire thing properly. The one thing that is normally affected due to this is the physics system – it happened in Morrowind and Oblivion, and not to mention Fallout 3 as well. And while these physics bugs are unfortunate, they are also a great source of hilarity, and when you actually manipulate them to make the game sing the song you feed it – the possibilities are endless.

We have 10 videos for you which show the ultimate Skyrim physics glitches that will no doubt make you chuckle. Some of these are intentional, and a few happen when the game spazzes out during gameplay. So check it out and have a good time!

1. Death By A Wheelbarrow?!

The first video shows how you die from just messing around with a static furniture which looks completely harmless. Now, we don’t know what exactly happened here but this is a really hilarious way to die in the game.

2. The Troll is ‘Trolling’

In this video, the game’s physics engine spazzes out when you use an Ice spell on a troll who is descending a snowy mountain. The end result is hilarious and the troll actually manages to… survive. Now in the first video, you can die from a static object, and this? Such is the way of Skyrim.

3. A Bouncing Hawk? Say What?!

Hawk or a piece of plastic? This video shows what happens when the laws of physics stop applying to a bird getting hit by an arrow. Watching it come down in the way it did is simply hilarious.

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