Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on the PlayStation 3

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Most of the PlayStation 3 games have a very strong plot and storylines. And due to that PlayStation 3 is easily one of the best platforms to have some awesome opening scenes. We pick our Top 5 Awesome Opening Scenes on PlayStation 3. Check them out below.

5. Infamous

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Empire City has been destroyed by the Ray Sphere and at the epicenter of this blast was Cole himself since he was unknowingly carrying a package which had the Ray Sphere in it. Some how Cole manages to survive the blast. He then makes his way out of the blast site, only to find out that he has changed. His body can absorb electricity from nearby objects like cars and traffic signals. Later he comes across some cops. Against his will he fries them with a bolt of lighting and makes his way across the bridge.

4. Killzone 2

The game begins with a strong speech by Visari, the antagonist of the game, encouraging his followers to fight off against the ISA. The opening cinematic also shows the power of the ISA and how huge their headquarters really is.Than again Visari comes in and says” The enemy may strike us, but they wont break our spirit”. Finally in the end it is shown that the Helghast defeat the ISA real hard. And in the end the way Visari says: “In the end, they will know that Helghan belongs to the Helghast!” is truly epic.

3. Heavenly Sword

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Nariko, she’s one hell of a women. I guess she’s the only female protagonist who can take hundreds and thousands of enemies on her own. The game begins with Nariko battling Bohan’s army. Now we are not talking about 50-100 enemies, but number exceeding thousands. Nariko with her Heavenly Sword fights off relentlessly with the enemies and kills hundreds of them. Our girl finally falls down and than she begins to recall the events which took place five days before. The games opening is epic and shows the muscle of the PlayStation 3.

2. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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Well what could possible go wrong or should we say “right” for our hero Nathan Drake? He’s been hit by a bullet in his stomach and he’s sitting in a train which is hanging upside down from the cliff, ready to fall anytime. The opening is brilliant in the sense that the cinematic actually gives you the creeps that you are alone in the train and the obstacles are coming right at your face. Nathan Drakes does lose his grip but as we all know, luck has always been on his side. He quickly grabs hold of a ledge and makes his way upwards. After facing many difficulties, he finally reaches the top but not after a spectacular scene where he has to hurry through the train and make the leap of faith.

1. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

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Well we all know how long Metal Gear Solid’s cinematic’s are. Guns of the Patriots was no different. The opening cinematic was long and brilliantly developed. Solid Snake, now Old Snake, sneaks under the guise of a local militia. The cut scene has some of the most emotional music in video game depicting the how warfare has changed. Solid Snake’s words in this cut scene are memorable and its a doubt that a fan like me will ever forget them. The local militia fighting against the PMC’s and then the Gekko’s introduction, who proceeded to beat the hell out of them was epic in proportions.

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