Top Graphically Intensive Games of 2015

What are the most visually rich titles to look forward to this year? Find out here.

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When you take a close look at the release calendar for 2014, it’s easy to note the number of games which have been delayed. Many of those games may have lucked out in that regard since more time and polish can help them achieve visual greatness. From that perspective, what are some of the most graphically intensive games to look forward to this year? Which games will leave their mark on the industry when 2015 eventually closes?

That being said, we’ve omitted some games like Call of Duty 2015 and Assassin’s Creed: Victory since there’s been almost no information on how they look (aside from the odd leaked screenshot from Victory), much less speculation on what the finished product could ultimately be. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth looking forward to but the spotlight will be on those games which have already made their visual mark on the masses.

Dying Light

Dying Light

You wouldn’t guess Techland’s Dying Light to be one of the more graphically intensive games of the year until you actually play it. The sensation of running, the wind blowing against you as foliage flies by and rain beats against your face, is unmatched in this generation thus far. Techland has employed some rather interesting post-processing and an SMAA T2X anti-aliasing solution for all versions of the game. While the PS4 and Xbox One versions may not adhere to the locked 30 FPS frame rate promised, they still look incredibly good.

Despite the limited colour palette, Dying Light’s combination of open world wreckage and attention to detail makes it one of the snazzier open world games currently available. Its scale doesn’t challenge GTA 5 by any means but you’ll still feel part of a larger city more often than not.

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