Top Portal Secrets That You Probably Didn’t Know

Get to know some surprising Portal secrets.

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Portal is not only just a game, it is a classic puzzle feast for the mind. It is one of those rare games that really makes you think, observe and explore. Portal over the years has garnered many, many fans and as such it has garnered a sort of cult following and why not, the series has spawned some pretty memorable characters that really made the game a classic. Both Portal 1 and Portal 2 have received near-universal praise, and have sold millions of copies.

Many gamers are quite certain that the Portal world and the Half Life world will collide one day and Chell and Gordon Freeman will come face to face, and by what we have experienced in both games, I’m sure that is quite a possibility. With that said, here are some awesome secrets and facts that you probably didn’t know about the Portal series.

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Portal 2 had Multiple Endings

Admit it, Portal’s 2 ending was totally bad-ass and I consider it one of the best endings ever. However the developers at the time of planning thought to include multiple endings for the game. One of those endings had the player  see the moon and have them put a portal on the moon and if by accident if the player put one on the wall it would suck them out onto the moon and they would suffocate quite badly and painfully, all the while listening to a sad song. However they eventually decided against it and they went with the epic ending that made all us Portal lovers very happy.

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