Uncharted 4: Astounding Graphical Details That You May Have Missed From The E3 Demo

This generation of gaming graphics is starting to rev up and Naughty Dog is leading the way.

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Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End proves that developers Naughty Dog are still the team to beat. With a fantastic team of programmers and developers capable of movie quality design and game play, maintaining their position at the top has been no easy feat. Fresh off of The Last of Us– a game that won over 200 “Game of the Year” Awards– Naughty Dog are arguably the current most talented team in the gaming industry.  Releasing a beautifully mesmerizing demo during Sony’s e3 media briefing that left the audience loudly cheering, it once again proved what Naughty Dog are good at: not only making a game that looks and runs wonderfully, but is alive, beautiful, and absolutely believable. So here is our list of 14 astounding graphical details we uncovered from Naughty Dog’s 2015 Uncharted 4 live demo.

Fluid Action

uncharted 4 action

Uncharted is a series build on a massive scale around amazing set-pieces, and Uncharted 4 ups what was on PlayStation 3 by an ample margin. Cliffs, ropes, ledges, and loads more won’t hold back Uncharted’s protagonist Nathan Drake. The player will have the ability to go much farther than in any other of the series. By swinging off a rope, landing onto a demented henchman, taking control of his rifle and firing off rounds from another thug across the cliff who’s been trying to kill Nathan, the action in Uncharted proves smooth. With an ebb and flow of finding out what is around the next corner, fluid action and combat, above all else can really define a game and its worth.

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