Valkyria Chronicles 4 New Screenshots and Information On Characters And Centurion Cruiser Revealed

The Centurion cruiser can be used via Ship orders to aid in battle.

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Sega has updated Valkyria Chronicles 4’s website with some new details regarding characters and a gameplay system involving the Centurion Cruiser. Along with information about each of the new characters and the cruiser, Sega has also provided screenshots.

We learn that the cruiser is quite useful in the game and can be given orders during battle. Once you select “Ship Order” in Command Mode, you can select how you want the Centurion to act and there are a number of ways in which the Centurion can help you. Firstly, the Centurion’s radar can be used to discover enemies whom you have lost sight of within a certain range or those who haven’t been discovered yet. Furthermore, the Centurion can also be used in an offensive manner to bomb enemies within a given area. Additionally, you can also use the Centurion to save characters from dying, either by healing allies or by evacuating characters who may be about to die.

Finally,  the Centurion can also be used to repair any damaged vehicles. Apart from information about all these uses of the cruiser, Sega has also added information about new characters called Roland, Bryan, Mary, and Ruch. You can read the information about the new characters below.

 Edinburgh Navy

Edinburgh Navy colonel, and captain of the snow cruiser Centurion. As someone with an extremely gentle and mild personality who never panics in a critical situation, he is the mental pillar of the warship. He can also be strict, having once been feared as the “Demon Captain,” and is tough on both himself and others, letting out a sharp roar when necessary. He lost a warship in the past, and is operating with strong preparedness as not to sink the second time around.

Bryan Haddock

Edinburgh Navy first lieutenant, and chief navigator of the Centurion. He is somewhat neurotic, which makes him difficult to approach, but is calm and sensible at his core. He is a respected man who has supported Morgan on the battlefield many times since his first mission, and is something of a vice captain. As a navy supremacist, he tends to look down on the army and clash opinions with Claude.

Mary Bennett

Edinburgh Navy master sergeant, and communications officer of the Centurion. A woman with a calm atmosphere and undying smile, she is “everyone’s big sister” on the warship. Her gentle personality exudes a fine upbringing. She is an extremely hard worker, working outside of her duties to clean the warship, patrol, and so on during the day. She is also good at cooking.

  • Ruch

Edinburgh Navy sergeant, and tracker of the Centurion. As a prodigy who skipped grades to graduation at Navy Training School, she is familiar with the latest technology, and joins the fleet after her abilities were recognized. She does not talk to anyone much, perhaps because of serious and level-headed character, or strong tone of voice, but is close with Mary.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is set to release for the PS4 on March 21 and later in the summer for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The game will release in North America and Europe sometime this year for the PS4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. You can check out the screenshots below.



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