Valorant Guide – How to Improve Your Aim

Check out these different aiming exercises to use in the Practice Range.

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Riot Games’ Valorant can be a tough game to get into. On top of learning the maps and callouts, managing your economy and picking a Duelist that matches your style, you need to be able to aim. While having perfect aim is impossible, refining it is far more realistic and will help you come out ahead in encounters.

First off, familiarize yourself with the Practice Range in Valorant. Not only is it good for practicing the essentials – like Spike Defuse and Spike Defuse – but also allows for testing effective range and spray patterns on weapons. For improving your aim, there are a number of different things. Start off in the shooting test by eliminating the bots that spawn, going from headshot to headshot.

Next up, work on moving between targets on the left and right, taking them down in a rhythmic fashion. You’ll move on to the flickshot next, where your aim must be re-centered after every shot. Try going for headshots here. Master the flickshot and you’ll be decimating enemies quickly (especially since headshots are lethal in Valorant).

You’ll also want to work on counter-balancing recoil with a weapon’s spray. Another common exercise is to fix your crosshair at a single point and then move left and right while keeping it fixed. The objective here to keep the crosshair trained on an opponent even as you strafe and dodge their shots. A good way to test this is to have bots that will move continuously, challenging you to keep tracking them while staying on the move. Alternate movements with crouches and erratic shifts – these will further mess with real-life opponents.

Finally, find your sensitivity. Check the DPI range on your mouse and configure it accordingly. Match the in-game sensitivity with this (which can be done easily in the practice range). Different sensitivities are suited for different playstyles so you might need to experiment for the right setting to hit flickshots, work on your tracking and so on.

For more tips on improving in Valorant, check out our guide here. To unlock more Agents and learn how different roles work, head here.

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