Watch Dogs 2 Mega Guide – Collectibles Locations, Unlimited Money Cheat, Research Points, And More

A complete guide for Watch Dogs 2.

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Watch Dogs 2 is a massive game- that’s because it is, like most Ubisoft games, an open world one. This means that there is a lot here to distract you, side activities, collectibles, unlockables, and more. We’ve already covered the single player main story in the game in our walkthrough, so you know what to do if you want to just rush through the story and get to the end. But for those of you who want to see everything that Watch Dogs 2 has to offer, this guide is for you.

We cover everything here- from collectibles and locations for key data, unique vehicles, hidden gnome, research points, and ScoutX. Furthermore we have also included video guides for earning unlimited/infinite money, skills, weapons and clothing.

And lastly we have included video guides for some of the trophies and achievements. Let’s get straight down to it, then. Watch Dogs 2 is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and later on PC. For more on the game, check out our review here.


It wouldn’t be a Ubisoft game if there weren’t all sorts of inane, meaningless collectibles to go hunt down (okay, some of them, like the Key Data, are actually useful). Watch Dogs 2 honors this tradition and this memory with multiple kinds of collectibles to appeal to the OCD player. Here, we tell you how to get all of them.


There are 24 key data solutions that you need to find in Watch Dogs 2. And this video below walks you through all of them- you get an Achievement/Trophy for getting them all, too.


There are seven unique vehicles in the game, some of which need some basic hacks. These vehicles are the fastest, best ones available in the game, so getting them will probably make your life easier, in addition to netting you a Trophy/Achievement.


An easter egg hunt, where upon finding all gnome locations, you end up unlocking a gnome outfit for yourself. There are ten gnome locations in the game, and this video shows you how to get all of them.


There are 10 Research Points to find in the Marin Area, and the video below will show you where they all are.

ALL ScoutX Locations:

There are 57 landmarks your ScoutX app can find in Watch Dogs 2, but the game doesn’t make it easy for you to find them. That’s where we come in with this video.


Watch Dogs 2 features an extensive in game economy that is balanced by you never quite having enough money to get everything you want. You being a hacker and all, you’d think you could have infinite money on your hands, but that would break the game balance, so here we are.

Still, the one thing you can do in the game is earn money faster- and if you earn it faster, then you’re going to earn more of it in the same period of time. The two videos below share some tricks to earn money faster without cheating. The second trick appears to be particularly powerful towards this end to me.

There is also the video below, which seems to utilize a glitch to earn you an obscene amount of money very fast. You can check it out, but bear in mind that Ubisoft could patch this glitch out at any time:


Playing through the game, earning research points and followers, unlocks a whole number of skills for Marcus. Some of the skills are too specific to be of much use- but there are some that are incredibly useful, or so fundamental in their functionality, that they are practically mandatory. Here, we walk you through all the skills in the game:


  • Gang Skirmish: Call in stronger gang members
  • Gang War: Call in strongest gang members
  • Gang Attack: Call in a gang to help you out in combat
  • Improved Profiler: Automatically tags people with large bank account balances
  • Create Distraction: Send a distraction to civilian phones and blast feedback in enemy headsets. Also cancel reinforcement calls
  • APB: Suspect Located: Places a false APB on target, causing him to get arrested
  • APB: Wanted Criminal: Same as before, but flags target as a dangerous criminal
  • Botnet Savings: Personal Devices: Reduce Botnet Resource costs


  • Robot Exploits: Create a Distraction on Robots
  • Traffic Control Exploit: Gain control of the Traffic Light system
  • Security System Shutdown: Shuts down security systems
  • Massive System Crash: Shut down all city infrastructure for 30 seconds
  • System Crash Upgrade: Blackout: Upgrade to the precious skill, shuts down all lights, reducing line of sight
  • Botnet Savings: City hacking: Reduce Botnet Resource costs
  • Auto-Takedown: Cause gates and steam pipes to automatically go off when enemy vehicles pass nearby


  • Explosive Optimization: Carry and place up to five Explosive Devices at once
  • Expert Tinkering: Reduce cooldown period
  • Electro Shock Optimization: Carry and place up to five Electro Shock Devices at
  • Explosive Device: Explodes with a lethal blast
  • Electro Shock Device: Like a taser, knocks people out temporarily
  • Tweaked Blast: Explosive and shock devices have a wider range


  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases available Botnet Resources by 4
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2
  • Botnet Upgrade: Increases Available Botnet Resources by 2


  • Fast Trigger Finger: Increases rate of fire
  • Stun Amp Up: Decreases number of Stun Gun charges needed
  • Keen Eye: Increase damage caused by snipers
  • Steady Aim: Increase Stun Gun range
  • Strong Grip: Increase stability of two handed weapons
  • Sleight of Hand: Increase reload speed
  • Advance Sleight of Hand: Increase reload speed for two handed weapons
  • Steady Hands: Reduce Scope Away on scoped weapons
  • Target Weakness: Deal more damage to vehicles and armored targets when using a shotgun


  • Taunt: Equip jumper with internal speaker
  • Remote Gadgets: Enables the Jumper and Quadcopter to drop IEDs and Zappers
  • Speed Boost: Boosts speed for both the Jumper and Quadcopter
  • Enhanced Spring: Improves the height of your Jumper
  • Expert RC Engineering: Reduces cooldown time for both, Quadcopter and Jumper
  • Environmental Remote Control: Lets you control forklifts, and other vehicles and machinery to reach inaccessible areas
  • Proximity Scanner: Tag NPCs through walls


  • Botnet Savings: Vehicle Hacks: Reduce Botnet Resource cost
  • Engine Override: Overrides a vehicle and makes it go super fast
  • Massive Vehicle Hack: Temporarily hack all vehicles in an area at once
  • Hijacking: Lets you electronically hijack cars
  • Vehicle Directional Hack: Hack vehicles to move in specific directions
  • Chopper Retreat Exploit: Forces choppers to retreat


You don’t have to look drab in Watch Dogs 2– you can outfit Marcus to have him reflect your own personal sense of style. Well, at least as much as the game will let you do that, anyway. The video below walks you through character customization:


You can buy weapons, and you can make weapons, in Watch Dogs 2. The video below shows you how to buy and make all of the ones in the game.


Who Am I 
Erase your past identity in the Blume servers

Put Your Damn Pants On
Buy some pants after the party

Buy a two handed weapon at the 3D printer

In Style
Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear

Ride a cable car

Only God Can Judge Me
Buy a shirt in the Nudle vending machine

Pet 10 dogs

Get photobombed in a selfie

A Ride to Remember
Drive one of the Unique Vehicles

Bad Boys
Hijack a boat

Something To Ride
Hijack a bus

Collect all the Key Data hidden in the world

Smooth Felon 
Escape a Level 5 felony

Drive 4 km in the world while driving the Merengue from Elek Motors

Knock You Out
Do a stealth takedown on 30 enemies

Jump Around
Do a 140 meters long jump while driving a vehicle

Earn your Sea Legs
Do a sailboat race

Hack a robot

Third Time’s the Charm
Make 3 jumps in a row aboard a vehicle

Hold My Hair
Take a picture of someone vomiting

Let Me Ride
Travel 200 meters on top of a car by hacking it

One of the Gang
Complete 5 DedSec Events

Natural Born Killer
Neutralize 1 Hunter in Bounty Hunter mode

Please Marcus, Don’t Hurt Them
Successfully neutralize 5 fugitives in Bounty Hunter

Hold My Hand 
Successfully complete an online Co-op Operation

Feeding Frenzy 
Use the “Call the cops” hack on the donut-disguised man in Haight-Ashbury

Successfully invade another hacker

Got The Shutterbug 
Take 25 ScoutX location pictures

One-Man Garage 
Buy 25 cars in car dealerships

Pimp My eKart 
Get all the eKart upgrades

App’ing Around 
Buy all the apps in the App Shop

I Get Around 
Do a drone race

Ain’t No Stopping 
Do a bike race

Joined the Mile High Club
Finish Operation: Hack teh World

Baby, I Got Your Money 
Finish Operation: False Profits

Knight Ridden 
Finish Operation: Cyber Driver

No Place Like Haum 
Finish Operation: Haum Sweet Haum

Finish Operation: Limp Nudle

100% Legit
Finish Operation: $911

Finish Operation: W4tched

Old School Justice
Finish Operation: Eye for An Eye

Finish Operation: Hacker War

Make Every Voice Count
Finish Operation: Power to the Sheeple

The Itsy Bitsy Spider 
Finish Operation: Robot Wars

You’re On A Boat! 
Finish Operation: Shanghaied

The Fox 
Finish Operation: Shadow

Picking Up the Pieces 
Finish Operation: Looking Glass

Leaks and Leaks 
Finish Operation: Ubistolen

Hack the World 
Trigger the hack of the century

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