Watch Dogs: Legion Guide – How to Earn Eto Fast and Recruit Operatives

Assemble a strong group of Operatives with these tips.

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Watch Dogs Legion

In Watch Dogs: Legion, Eto is the primary in-game currency though it’s mostly for purchasing cosmetics for Operatives. But how do you go about earning it fast? Completing main missions and side missions is a good method since those dole out 1,000 Eto at times. But you might also want to hack any ATMs you come across for an easy 100 Eto.

There are also safes found in restricted areas which bestow 1,000 Eto. Once again, simply hack them to gain the amount. Just be careful of any opposition (since, well, it’s a restricted area). As a general tip, consider killing enemies through stealth instead of going loud since each kill provides a good 20 to 30 Eto.

How to Recruit Operatives

The main hook of the game is building up a team of DedSec Operatives from the vast world of NPCs. Each Operative has different perks, weapons and skills that can make certain missions a breeze. But you either need to recruit them – which involves completing a mission – or turn a borough Defiant (which provides a Skilled Recruit with an optimized kit and extra perk).

Some of the Operatives you should keep an eye out for include a Spy (especially the Spy+ which is obtained from turning three boroughs Defiant and completing their uprising missions); an Albion contractor or Clan Kelley member, both who provide Uniformed Access for restricted areas in their respective organizations, letting you walk through unfettered; and a Construction Worker who has a drone that you can pilot around. Other great Operative types include the Drone Expert, earned by making the Lambeth borough Defiant; the bare knuckle brawlers from the various tournaments in town; and of course, the Beekeeper who can unleash bees on enemies.

Of course, not everyone can be recruited right off the bat. You also have to see how they feel about DedSec – if they dislike the group, then they won’t even be open to recruitment. So instead, pick up the Deep Profiler upgrade from the tech tree – it only costs 25 Tech Points and will provide leads. These leads can be completed, which will then open up the recruitment mission for a DedSec-hating NPC. Complete that and they can be recruited. If you want to quickly pick up Operatives from Albion and Clan Kelley for their Uniformed Access perk, having the Deep Profiler is your best bet.

A couple of things to keep in mind when recruiting Operatives. Look for team abilities which can provide benefits to all members (like a shorter arrest time). You can have up to 45 people in your team, which includes any potential recruits and Operatives. When low on space, simply head into the Team menu and select the person in question. You can then choose to retire them (in case of an Operative) or abandon their recruitment (in case of potential recruits). Try to have a wide variety of perks, abilities and weapons across the board but don’t forget to keep some slots open for potential future recruits.

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