‘We faced the same problems as the God of War devs,’ says Bulletstorm’s Creative Director

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In our exclusive interview with People Can Fly, the developers of the upcoming, totally awesome game, Bulletstorm, Creative Director Adrian Chmielarz said that while creating Bulletstorm, the developer team faced a lot of problems the God of War development team would have faced. Why? Because both their protagonists are so bad-ass from the very beginning of the game.

We asked Chmierlarz about why “Bulletstorm seems to be centred around exaggeration- over-the-top moves and huge weapons.” He replied with: “The source of all this is the hero, Grayson Hunt.”

On Grayson Hunt, he said: “We faced the same problem as the creators of God of War faced; how do you make an engaging and challenging game with a hero that is a bad ass mofo from the start?”

“Usually, there’s this clear progression,” he continued. “You have amnesia, wake up in prison, and your first weapon is a knife – and then it’s the pistol, the machine gun, etc. But how do you make a game in which you start with a nuke? Not that you start Bulletstorm with the nuke, but I’m sure you get the point.”

He went on to say: “We knew we wanted Grayson to be a character empowered with awesome combat skills and abilities from the start, and the challenge was to feature a progress of that character. That’s how the “over-the-topness” of Bulletstorm was born. While most games take you from zero to hero, we take you from hero to destroyer of worlds.”

Destroyer of worlds, eh? Awesome. How I wish this game was out now.

Don’t forget to click through the link above and read the entire interview!

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