What we want in Call of Duty 7

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Given the revelation that Treyarch will be developing the next game in the Call of Duty behemoth franchise, we at Gaming Bolt decided to make a list of features that we would like to see emplaced in the next game. Developers take note!

A longer single player

OK, the single player on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was pretty cool. But there just wasn’t enough of it. What is it with developers deciding that FPS games have to be really short now? I can take an short game, but MW2 was ridiculous; you could easily finish it in an afternoon. I reckon a minimum of 8 hours as standard for the next game.

A more plausible single player

A big problem with the last game for me was the poor quality storyline. Sure, CoD games basically boil down to fragging dudes, but at least make a plausible storyline, if not realistic.

No stupid killstreaks

Now before you start throwing cheesy nachos at your monitor, hold on a sec. Yes, killstreaks are awesome if you get them. They’re awesome if someone on your team gets them. But you know what? They suck when your opponents get them. Take the chopper. It’s quite possible on some maps to simply aim at the respawn point and hold down the trigger. 10 kills easily, from doing nothing. No one can shoot you down because people aren’t living more than about 3 seconds. Anyone see a problem with this?

No rewarding campers

Campers. The bane of any seasoned FPS player. Yet, for some bizarre reason, the last 3 Call of Duty’s have implemented a system where you can simply camp for kills; get an airstrike, get kills, get a chopper, get more kills, get a tactical nuke…..Surely this could be fixed with some beta testing? Find the camper spots and get rid of them, no one likes them.

How about a few less glitches?

I can take the odd glitch. There’s bound to be a few that slip through the cracks in beta testing, but jeez’…How many glitches can there be? Modern Warfare 2 alone had practically a new glitch/bug/exploit every day through November and December, and we are still finding them. And it’s not just MW2. World at War had it’s fair share of bugs too, allowing players to go underneath the map and shoot from below. So how about we do some more testing this time around?

Balance the perk system

[HTML1] I can’t deny that the perks in the latest Call of Duty games are cool. They could work incredibly well, and for some of the time, they do. But there are always a few perk sets that will push you above and beyond everyone else, and before you know it every is sporting Marathon/Lightweight/Commando. And of course there is the one perk, which while cool in theory, just overpowers everything else; One Man Army. Limitless ammo, in a nutshell. And with limitless ammo comes limitless grenade launchers (affectionately known as noob tubes) which are hugely overpowered. Couple that with Danger Close, and you have yourself a pro noob tuber.

No price premium

Infinity Ward and Activision knew that Modern Warfare 2 would sell well. No matter what, as long as it had the CoD name and was the sequel to one of the best FPS’s in recent memory, it was going to sell out quickly. But bumping the price up by $10 is a pretty cheap shot, given that millions of people went out and bought it. Activision, lets see less focus on robbing the poor casual gamer and more emphasis on gameplay, huh? So there you have it, a wish list of sorts, of what we want to see in Call of Duty 7. If you don’t fix them, sure, people will still buy it. But here is a message to the future Call of Duty developers; do you realise how much better the game would be, if you just fixed these things? Call of Duty 7 is rumored to be heading for a Q4 2010 release date.

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