Why a PS5 Sequel for The Order: 1886 Makes Perfect Sense

Fans are craving for a sequel to Ready At Dawn’s diamond in the rough- here’s why we think it’s time we got one.

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The Order: 1886 is in a league of its own in several ways. Yes the graphics were and still are something to behold, the voice acting, motion capture, and all around production value is outstanding and even towers over many games today in that regard, but the game is also on an island of misfit franchises when it comes to just being a story of unfinished business.

Despite the complaints about the game’s length and self-congratulatory nature that have been trotted out ad nauseam by countless reviewers and commentators, The Order: 1886 still had a lot going for it. Outstanding presentation, interesting characters, and world that truly felt unique amid the sea of semi-gritty near-future first person shooters that were saturating the market at the time. While those other action games were busy outdoing each other with triple jumping, wall-running, and other nonsense, The Order: 1886 went its own way with its alternate version of nineteenth century steampunk London. This huge world and all this lore being left in just one game seems, despite its faults, unjust. So perhaps The Order: 1886 does deserve a real sequel on the PS5 it never got on the PS4 , yet was so obviously poised to have.

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Spoilers ahead: The Order: 1886 ends on quite the cliff-hanger. While the first half or so of the story does an excellent job building the world, and maybe even goes a bit too far with showing itself off, the second half of the story certainly goes out of its way to lay some major groundwork for a sequel or two. As Galahad and his fellow knights work to use the advantages of the industrial revolution to thwart the ever present threats to societal order, he slowly discovers that something is amiss, and this battle of good and evil might not be so simple after all.

Through meeting with some unexpected characters and following a series of clues, Sir Galahad ends up deeper in the weeds than he anticipated. He ultimately discovered an elaborate conspiracy among the upper ranks to traffic the half-breed monsters plaguing London overseas but is stopped from doing anything about it, and placed under arrest. He ultimately escapes, but finds himself at odds with those he fought alongside for so long, and now must forge his own path to what he believes is right. But we don’t get to see what comes of that. That’s where the game ends. So at least in terms of the story, a sequel is clearly needed here. Games aren’t generally ended like this, especially in this day and age, without sequels in mind. So for that alone, Ready At Dawn certainly deserves another whack at it.

Another reason that The Order deserves a sequel is its sheer selling power. At this point, for better or for worse, the name of The Order: 1886 is still a well-known one. Granted that’s not because everybody was in love with it, and some of its popularity is due to some of the controversy surrounding its length. Even still, The Order: 1886 is known, and that generally translates into some organic marketing through word of mouth and other means for potential gamers who spend their hard-earned money on games regularly to potentially do so on this franchise. With that being established, it doesn’t require a very long stretch of the imagination to imagine a sequel to The Order: 1886 selling well. It’s important to remember that gaming is still a business, and money makes business work. So If Sony and Ready At Dawn are interested in this, and they surely are, putting up a real sequel to The Order: 1886 for old and new fans to pick up could be a very lucrative endeavour for all parties involved.

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On top of gamers generally seeming open to the game, the game itself lending itself well to the idea of a sequel, and the financials of the whole operation seemingly looking to be favorable to the idea of a sequel, it’s also fairly obvious that gaming in general just needs it. With many legacy franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield starting to really show their age in terms of fatigue from fans, and the demand for fresh, interesting franchises being at an all-time high, there does seem to be a fairly large spot for something as unique as The Order to still exist. The same spot that existed back when it was released in 2015, still exists today because the same demand for unique properties exists. This demand for more of The Order is somewhat exemplified by articles popping up mentioning the possible return of the franchise as a multi-platform game in the near future.

The new buzz around the potential sequel is largely centered around a supposed leak from a NeoGAF user who, several years ago, did get some details about the PlayStation 4 correct before they were publicly confirmed. This leak is a detailed description of a segment from a game that sounds an awful lot like it could be coming from a game in The Order: 1886’s universe. If those indications are true, and the leaker’s characterization of the game’s physics and lighting engine being on “another level” are accurate, fans of The Order: 1886 and its potential future should have a lot to be excited about. This has led to some speculation that The Order’s sequel could very well lose its exclusivity with PlayStation though. Perhaps to boost initial sales, or perhaps because having more platforms involved was a way to secure the necessary funds to get it done, but regardless of why or where the game launches, again, fans of the franchise have plenty of reason to be excited if these rumors are evenly remotely true.

Sometimes, every once in a blue moon, a new franchise comes along and starts off a little rough. The world of gaming is certainly no stranger to that as the last many years of great gaming franchises started out with initial releases that were perhaps a little rough around the edges. Historically this hasn’t been a huge deal through. Games like Respawn’s Titanfall for example, certainly didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations with its initial game. It was widely criticized for being shallow, buggy, and lacking a worthwhile single player campaign.

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But when given the chance to rise out of those situations and really give it their all, developers can learn lessons from that first entry and really pull out something interesting like Titanfall 2. And despite Titanfall’s 2 handful of shortcomings, pretty much all fans of that genre and that type of game are glad that Respawn Entertainment was given that second chance by EA to make it happen and see what else could come from that property. Whether you were a fan of the first one or not, surely it’s hard to honestly deny that The Order: 1886 could very well follow that exact same trajectory. Keep in mind, Ready At Dawn is the developer that made the excellent PSP God of War games, which pushed that platform to its absolute limit in several different ways. God of War wasn’t their own IP though- The Order is. So if Electronic Arts can find the will and the resources to give Respawn a second chance to see their original idea through, surely Sony have it in them to give another shot to Ready At Dawn.

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