WILD HEARTS Guide – All Bosses’ Weaknesses And How To Defeat Them

A complete guide on defeating all the bosses in WILD HEARTS.

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WILD HEARTS - Golden Tempest

WILD HEARTS features a diverse range of Kemono monsters, each presenting its unique set of challenges due to their distinctive attack patterns and weaknesses. While some may be more formidable than others, this guide offers comprehensive instructions on how to take them down effectively. So, let’s dive in and learn how to overcome these challenging foes.

How to Defeat all the bosses in WILD HEARTS

KemonoLocationWeapon WeaknessElemental Weakness
RagetailBlossom Trail (Chapters 1, 2)Blunt, SlashingFire
SapscourgeBlossom Trail (Chapters 1, 2)SlashingFire
KingtuskBlossom Trail (Chapters 1, 2)Piercing, SlashingFire
SpinegliderSpirit Isle Hunt/Blossom Trail (Chapter 1, 2)BluntFire, Plant
DreadclawSpirit Isle Hunt (Chapter  1, 2)SlashingFire
GritdogSpirit Isle Hunt (Chapter 1, 2)Slashing, PiercingWind
LavabackSpirit Isle Hunt/Blossom Trail/Akikure Canyon (Chapter 1, 2)WaterWater
EarthbreakerSpirit Isle (Chapter 1)Blunt, PiercingPlant, Wind
SporetailAkikure Canyon (Chapter 1)Slashing, BluntFire
GoldshardAkikure Canyon (Chapter 2)Piercing, BluntPlant, Wind
IcetuskFuyufusagi Fort (Chapter 2)Piercing, BluntFire
DeathstalkerFuyufusagi Fort (Chapter 2)PiercingFire
FumebeakBlossom Trail Hunt/Fuyufusagi/Akikure Canyon Fort (Chapter 2)PiercingEarth
OnyxshardBlossom Trail (Chapter 4)Blunt, PiercingPlant, Wind
PearlbeakNatsukodachi IslePiercing, BluntEarth
VenomgliderBlossom Trail (Chapter 3, 4)BluntPlant, Fire
RipclawBlossom Trail (Chapter 3,4)BluntPlant, Fire
EmberplumeSpirit Isle (Chapter 4)Slashing, PiercingEarth, Water
Golden TempestAkikure Canyon (Chapter 4)PiercingFire, Earth


  • Ragetail is a relatively easy to defeat compared to other bosses in the game
  • Defeating Ragetail provides a glimpse into the world of WILD HEARTS and its combat encounters
  • Ragetail is weak to blunt and slashing damage
  • It can also be defeated with a bow (piercing) easily



  • The Sapscourge is a plant-based monster with strong defenses
  • It is weak against slashing damage
  • Other damage types are less effective against it compared to the previous boss
  • The Spring Karakuri is an ideal weapon for this fight
  • It allows you to dodge the sap thrown at you by the Kemono



The Kingtusk is a tough opponent. Although it’s weak to slashing and fire type attacks, its vine attacks are devastating. The vines not only inflict damage, but they also stagger you and make you vulnerable to the Kingtusk’s charging attacks.


  • The Spineglider is vulnerable to plant and fire damage
  • It is one of the most agile Kemonos in the game
  • The Spineglider can create rock formations to use as a perch for sweeping attacks
  • The Pounder Fusion Karakuri is helpful in this fight as it breaks the platform and deals significant damage to the Spineglider



  • The Dreadclaw is a large rooster-like Kemono
  • It relies on quick successive attacks and can continue attacking if it catches the player off-guard
  • The player should try to escape the barrage of blows and look for an openingThere are weak points on both sides of the Dreadclaw
  • A few quick strikes can knock back the Kemono and deal damage
  • The Dreadclaw has several attack patterns, including a sonic blast, ground pound, and another sonic blast
  • All of its attacks are well telegraphed and can be countered with practice


  • The Tanuki is deceptively dangerous, especially during the enraged stage
  • It can manipulate the ground under the player’s feet to pull them into close range
  • The Tanuki can also launch stalactites at long distances, dealing significant damage
  • However, it is sluggish, allowing players ample time to dodge its attacks
  • The Pounder Fusion Karakuri is particularly effective in this fight, along with piercing and wind damage


  • The Lavaback is the toughest Kemono in the first chapter of WILD HEARTS
  • It is fast and has several powerful attacks that are difficult to counter
  • The Lavaback is immune to fire damage
  • Players should craft a water-attuned weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage before the fight



The Earthbreaker battle since it’s part of the main story and is quite easy and straightforward. There isn’t much to the fight. Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be done in a few minutes. Here is a video guide showcasing the fight.


  • Goldshard is the first boss Kemono in Chapter 2
  • It is slow-moving and weak to plant and wind damage
  • All of Goldshard’s attacks are well-telegraphed, making them easier to dodge
  • Players can prevent the Kemono from using ranged attacks by staying close to it


  • The Sporetail can put players to sleep with a shake of its body
  • It is a Ragetail variant with a variety of attacks
  • It can summon mouse waves to attack or serve as additional targets
  • It is weak to blunt, slashing, and fire-based attacks
  • Players should focus their efforts on the Sporetail and avoid the mice


  • The Icetusk is a Kingtus variant adapted for cold.
  • Weaknesses include fire-based, blunt, and piercing attacks.
  • Consider using the Bulwark Karakuri to defend against ice barrage and stomp attacks.


  • The Deathstalker is a challenging boss due to its ability to cover vast distances with a single leap.
  • The Kemono can conjure walls and use them to launch itself towards you, making it even more difficult to dodge.
  • To defeat the Deathstalker, it’s essential to memorize its moves and anticipate its attacks.



  • The Chapter 2 boss Kemono is a dangerous aerial enemy and can inflict poison damage.
  • Use food items to ward off toxins and Karakuri’s Healing Mist to remove poison.
  • When enraged, it executes spinning and diving attacks that can knock you down in a few hits.
  • Piercing damage is the most effective against this Kemono, and the Claw Blade is a recommended weapon.


  • The Onyxshard is similar to the Goldshard but with unique abilities such as summoning rocks from the ground and creating caverns.
  • It’s weak to plant and wind-based blunt and piercing attacks, so craft the appropriate weapons before the fight.
  • The Kemono can also shoot spines and inflict significant damage.
  • To succeed, you’ll need to stay aware of its movements and dodge its attacks.


  • The Venomglider is similar to the Spineglider.
  • It is weak to fire and plant based blunt damage.
  • The Pounder Karakuri can help during the fight.
  • Bring antitoxins to combat its poison based attacks.


  • The Fumebeak and Pearlbeak look similar as hatchlings, but Pearlbeak develops white plumage as it gets older.
  • Pearlbeak is a flying Kemono and weak to earth based pierce and blunt attacks.
  • Use Harpoon Karakuri for this battle.
  • After it deals the blinding attack, there is a small window to get close, deal damage, and back up before it recovers.


  • The Ripclaw has a similar moveset and attacks to the Dreadclaw.
  • It can put you to sleep, so be cautious when approaching.
  • Attack from behind and use the Harpoon or Pounder Karakuri for consistent damage.
  • The Ripclaw is weak to fire or plant-based slashing attacks, making the Torch Karakuri a viable option.


  • The Emberplume is one of the easier end game bosses.
  • It moves slower than the Golden Tempest but can deal high damage.
  • The Harpoon Karakuri is effective against it, and can also be used to farm items for upgrading.
  • The Emberplume is weak to slashing, piercing, and earth damage.

Celestial Dragon

  • The Celestial Dragon attacks in four phases, each representing a different season and different elemental attacks.
  • Unlike other flying Kemonos, it can’t be taken down with the repeater crossbow or dragged down with the harpoon.
  • Its weak points are the limbs and head, so focus your attacks in those areas.
  • Every attack leaves it vulnerable, so attack as soon as it’s slowed down.

Celestial Being

  • You can use the same weapon you used for the Dragon fight, but a more stable weapon like the Staff is recommended.
  • The Celestial Being is weaker compared to the Dragon, and its moves are easy to learn and avoid.

Golden Tempest

  • The Golden Tempest is a powerful Kemono that is faster than any other boss encountered in the game.
  • It has the ability to hit you from any direction, making avoiding attacks difficult.
  • To increase your chances of survival, conserve your stamina and time your dodges carefully.


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