WildStar Mega Guide: Housing, Mount Vendors, Crafting, Money, Gold And Leveling Up

A complete guide for Wildstar.

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Using this WildStar guide, you will be able to know all about building your own house in the game, mount vendor locations, crafting, earn money/gold faster, level up faster and quickly and crafting. Wildstar is published by NCSOFT and developed by Carbine studios, and is now available on the PC.

Mount Vendors Locations Guide:

Below you will find all the locations for Dominion and Exile mount vendor locations:

Exile Mount Vendors:

Sergeant Syrrus: Academy Corner, Thayd

Supply Officer Clyre: FCON Headquarters in Thayd

Merchant Setsya: Court of Judgement, Thayd

Shopkeeper Vic: Fortune’s Ground, Thayd

Merchant Beatrice: Fortune’s Ground, Thayd.

Merchant Viktosak: Fortune’s Ground, Thayd

Dominion Mount Vendors:

Agent Tetch: Fate’s Landing, Illium

Supply Officer Phenoxia: Legion’s Way, Illium

Merchant Weeboo: Fate’s Landing, Illium

Velocitus: Spaceport Alpha in Illium

Merchant Bumbil: Legion’s Way in Illium

Merchant Gigax: Fate’s Landing, in Illium

How to make money/gold fast:

Refer to the several video guides below to learn how you can make money or gold at a faster rate in Wildstar.

Additional Tips:

  • Try and earn the highest medal in each challenge.
  • Complete all the challenges in a specific area.
  • Visit random houses for resources
  • Share your resources
  • Have two gathering skills
  • Try and salvage items
  • Invest in auction house. Buy low and sell high.
  • Buy and sell CREDD
  • Level up your Guild
  • Impose taxes on your Guild
  • Invest your time in Dungeons
  • Look for Trade skills
  • Avoid Repairing and Upgrades from the AH

How to level up faster:

Here are a few tips and tricks to level up faster in Wildstar:

  1. You need to stop investing your time in Challenges, Paths, Crafting  and PvP.
  2. Try and move into a different zone if you think you are no longer progressing.
  3. Get a house and rest. Resting earns you experience.
  4. Skip all adventures  and dungeons.

Crafting Guide:

Below you will find all the videos that will give you all the information you need regarding crafting in Wildstar.

Housing Guide:


Once you reach level 14, you will need to your faction’s capital city.

Upon reaching you will receive a call from Protostar Housing Specialist.

You then need to make your way to Housing of the Future building.

Once you reach there, check out the Housing Displays, proceed to Housing Hologram and then to Humble Home!

Building Your House:

Write a name for your house.

Click on Landscape.

You will then need to select a new house. The game will ask you replace the existing set up. Doing so will destroy the current set up.

You can now play with the several options such as Landscape, House, Crate and Vendor. Furthermore you can also make your plot available to public, room mates, neighbors or set it to private.

You can also decorate your house using Crate. You can fill up the crate with new items as you explore the game’s world.

Next is the Vendor where you can sell the items in crate.

You can also change your house’s Room appearance with a variety of options such as walls and ceilings.

Finally there is the advanced options which will allow you to play with the various physical attributes of the decor.

Note: This guide will updated once we have more information about the game.

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