Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Guide – Cheat Codes, Collectible Locations, Farming Perks, Weapon Upgrade Locations

A complete guide for Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

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At long last, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, the sequel to MachineGame’s 2014 reboot of id Software’s classic franchise is available. The New Colossus goes bigger and better than the original game in just about every way- there’s a whole lot going on here, from mechanics to story, and more.

If you want help getting through everything that Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus has to offer, you’ve come to the right place, because this guide is going to help out with just that. From collectibles, weapon upgrades, contraptions, perks and upgrades, cheats, and Achievements and Trophies, this guide covers everything. So, without further ado, let’s get started.


Gold, Starcards, Concept Art, Max’s Toys, Records

There are a lot of collectibles for you to hunt down and find in Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. There are starcards, records, Max’s toys, there is concept art, gold, and more. All of this is scattered across the entire length and breadth of the game, so it can take some concerted searching for you to find it.

Which is where we come in. The video below will walk you through all the collectible locations through the entire game. Nothing in the game is really missable (you can go back to any location to pick up what you might have neglected to the first time), so don’t stress out if you see something you missed.


It can be hard to remember sometimes, given how thematically heavy and resonant the game is, but Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is a shooter. That means lots and lots of shooting, which means lots and lots of things to shoot with. You can upgrade your weapons in the game, too- and the video below shows you how and where to do that.


These are special abilities that enable you to traverse the world in special ways. While all contraptions are ultimately equivalent in terms of mobility, they can give you unique advantages in combat.

Battle Walker: Lets you reach higher places; keeps you overcharged until you take damage.

Constrictor Harness: Lets you squeeze through narrow places; increases the duration you can remain constricted

Ram Shackles: Lets you smash through things; your armor regenerates


Perks work in The New Colossus exactly as they did in The New Order. They are basically reflective of your play style (much like how leveling in Skyrim works), with a second layer of mastery added to each of them. Perks are divided into three categories:


  • Kills by burning: Reduces damage you will take from diesel weapons
  • Elektro-bomb stun kills: You will take reduced damage from laser weapons.
  • Environmental kills: Reduces damage taken by explosives.
  • Enemy grenade kills: You get a longer window of time before enemy grenades explode
  • Headshot kills: Boosted damage when you aim down sights
  • Battle Walker killsAmmunition from dropped enemy weapons goes up


  • Stealth takedowns: Increases your movement speed in crouch.
  • Enigma codes: Commander alarm signals get delayed
  • Thrown hatchet kills: Your hatchet capacity increases
  • Quick Commander kill: damage dealt with suppressed weapons is increased
  • Takedowns or tampers: You get laser and diesel ammunition when tampering.
  • Constrictor kills: Increases movement speed when using Constrictor harness.


  • Heavy weapon kills: Magazine size for heavy detached weapons increases
  • Grenade kills: increased grenade capacity.
  • Overcharged kill: Health overcharge deflates slower
  • Dual-wield kills: increased total capacity forammunition.
  • Combat takedown: Health regenerates faster
  • Ram shackle kills: Enemy armor pieces drop more armor

Farming And Maxing Perks

There is a certain spot in the game, in a wrecked building in the beginning of the Manhattan level, that you can use to farm stealth takedowns, enigma codes, thrown hatchet kills, quick commander kills, hand grenade kills, overcharged kills, dual-wield kills, combat takedowns, and headshot kills. This video here demonstrates this process.


Before we proceed, a note: Use this at your own discretion. You can use the Cheat Engine for the PC version. The video below demonstrates how.


The New Colossus
Obtain all trophies.

Déjà Vu
Make the choice

Starting a Collection
Find at least one of each collectible item

Toy Collector
Find all of Max’s toys

Find all records

Golden Boy
Find all gold

Collect all Übercommander death cards

Meet the Cast
Find all starcards

Art Aficionado
Found all concept art

Upgrade a weapon

Fully upgrade a weapon

Gun Nut
Fully upgrade all weapons

Beat the game

Bring ’em on!
Beat the game on “Bring ’em on!” difficulty or higher

Do or die!
Beat the game on “Do or die!” difficulty or higher

Call me Terror-Billy!
Beat the game on “Call me Terror-Billy!” difficulty or highe

Max a Perk
Max a perk

Max all perks
Max all Perks

Bull Rush
Ramshackles tackle a charging Supersoldat

Perform a Constrictor Harness takedown

The Sky is the Limit
Perform a Battle Walker takedown

They did Nazi that Coming
Stealth kill 10 enemies in a row

Hard Headed
Collect 1000 helmets

Coming Back for More
Visit every District

Across the Board
Complete the Killboard

Complete Package
Acquire all Contraptions and Contraption upgrades

Plus Package
Upgrade a Contraption

Make a Point
Achieve the highest score in the Shooting Range

First Loser
Achieve the second best time in the Killhouse

Crippled but Able
Perform a takedown while in the wheelchair

Visit a District

Decipher an Übercommander’s location using the Enigma Machine

Play Wolfstone 3D

Finish a District without triggering an alarm

Complete all side missions

Carrying the Torch
Use the power armor

Enemy Within
Stop the Nazi signal from Section F

Amazing Grace
Recruit Grace’s group

It’s Fricking Space Aliens!
Find Area 52

Kill dad

All the Gains!
Get a new body

Sermons and Moonshine
Recruit Horton’s group

Travel to outer space

The Ausmerzer
Capture the Ausmerzer

Kick It
Kill Hitler during the Aerostat Audition

I’m Machine Enough
Beat the Panzerhund ride without killing anyone on “Bring ’em On!” difficulty or higher

Taste of Your own Medicine
Destroy a Zerstörer with an Übergewehr

Keep Playing
Wait for the game to resume after the credits.

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