World of Final Fantasy Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Everything you need to know about World of Final Fantasy.

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World of Final Fantasy Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

World of Final Fantasy

Square Enix

Square Enix

PS4, PS Vita

Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:2016

World of Final Fantasy is an upcoming role-playing game and is a kind of offshoot of the Final Fantasy game series. The game was first announced at E3 2015 and is coming to both the PS4 and PS Vita sometime in 2016. This game is intended to feature gameplay that harkens back to some of the early games in the Final Fantasy series, with an emphasis on accessibility to younger players and the ability to combine characters and monsters into “stacks” in order to take on larger opponents. The game is said to follow two siblings who have been thrust into a world known as Grimoire, where they encounter characters and creatures from various Final Fantasy games that have been released in the past.

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At E3 2015, Square Enix officially announced the game through a new trailer and at the same time, announced what the three main goals for the game were, moving forward. The company said it wanted the game to be playable for all ages and genders, it wanted to offer a new type of experience for the Final Fantasy series, and the company wanted to develop a new, clean and deep gameplay system. The company also announced that there aren’t going to be any micro-transactions anywhere in the game and that those that purchase the title will have access to all content produced for World of Final Fantasy.

When the company talked about platform choices, game director Hiroki Chiba stated, “For PS4, we wanted the spec to be able to put in all those different types of creatures for you to collect and fight with. And we wanted to release on PS Vita because gathering all these creatures takes time. I didn’t want to restrict people’s play styles. I wanted players to be able to have the game on hand at any time, to take it outside.”

Chiba added that the developers for this game chose the kind of childlike approach to the characters because they wanted it to be quite a bit more appealing to the younger crowd. The director pointed out that the Final Fantasy series has had a photo-realistic look in recent games and that isn’t that appealing to children.

The game will support cross-save between the two platforms. During the game’s unveiling, in June 2015, Chiba estimated development to be around 30-40 percent complete.


World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is set in the land of Grimoire, and this land is where all the Final Fantasy characters from all the previous games live. The two main characters, which were shown in the trailer, Reynn and her little brother Lann are adventuring throughout the world to battle against some and befriend other monsters. The other characters the two main characters come across have all been pulled from the other Final Fantasy games meaning that players of the series will recognize those they run across in this game while also giving them a new look. Instead of the scary looking or way too realistic version of the enemies more recent players are used to, they will be able to go against cute chibi versions of Behemoths and Chocobos. Chiba noted that the monsters featured in the World of Final Fantasy will come from the entire series history, including spin-off titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Crystal Chronicles.

The game’s director said that he didn’t want the story to be something that was just slapped onto the game in order to get people to play. “I personally worked on Final Fantasy VI, VII, and VIII so I’m trying to aim for that volume of a story that was in those titles.” Many of the characters that are in the world of Grimoire are said to have their own playable side-quests and missions that will add to the story as a whole.


World of Final Fantasy

World of Final Fantasy is a role-playing game that is made to be reminiscent of early Final Fantasy games. The gameplay elements are simplified from other role-playing games, so as to be accessible to younger players. The game features a stacking ability that allows characters and monsters to combine into groups to take on larger opponents, or make strategic moves in combat. The stacking feature visually represents itself as the main characters changing size, as well as riding monsters into battle. Players will also fight and collect various Final Fantasy monsters and animals and once they have collected them will be able to raise those animals and monsters while learning new abilities. The game also has the Active Time Battle system, a combat system often used in the Final Fantasy series, involving menu-based control of heroes with combat occurring continuously while players issue commands. There will be both random encounters and story-based battles.

In order to help appeal to a broader audience World of Final Fantasy actually has two “worlds”, one for normal-sized characters and one for chibi characters. Reynn and Lann have come from the full-sized world to the chibi world to befriend and battle its monsters as well as have other adventures with the people who live in the Chibi world. The sizes affect stats and abilities and there will be overworld events the player can only do in a certain size. The main characters will be able to switch between their full size and Chibi at will, though at times it won’t make sense to be switching if they are taking on a mission that requires them to be a different size.


World of Final Fantasy

Reynn and Lann are the protagonists that the users will be able to take control of throughout the game. The other characters are going to be made up of creatures and people that have appeared in previous Final Fantasy games. Just what characters will actually make an appearance are largely unknown. Cloud Strife of Final Fantasy VII and the first Final Fantasy’s Warriors of Light were spotted in the reveal trailer. Heroes from spin-off games have even been said to appear in this game eventually.

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