WWE 2K20 Guide – How To Perform Payback Moves

Turn the tables on your opponent with these Payback moves.

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Payback moves will help you through some rather tough situations in WWE 2K20. They consist of reversals, playing possum or even spraying mist into an opponent’s eyes. How do you activate them, especially the new ones that have been added?

First, your Payback meter needs to be full. Pay attention to its level since different moves may require a level 2 meter. You might also need to activate the Dirty Move timer or Charged Fury timer with R2 + Triangle (on PS4) to pull off a Payback move. Also, note that your Payback Level 1 and Level 2 moves have to be selected before a match begins. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Payback Level 1

  • Auto Reversal: Right before an opponent hits you, press R2 + Triangle to immediately reverse it.
  • Possum: When against the ropes or in the corner, hold R2. This will put you in Possum mode and you can then press Circle to pin your opponent or Triangle to hit them.
  • Speed Boost: To increase your speed and ability to reverse strikes, hold R2 and press Triangle to get a Speed Boost.
  • Instant Recovery: To recover instantly when downed, hold R2 and then press Triangle. Just remember that you have to be in a downed state to use it).
  • Reversal: To gain a Reversal Stock, hold R2 and press Triangle.

Payback Level 2

  • Adrenaline Boost: For a boost to your speed while carrying weights and to lift more, hold R2 and press Triangle for a boost of Adrenaline.
  • Beast Mode: For more damage and faster grappling, hold R2 and Triangle to enter Beast Mode.
  • Blackout: Want to pull off the classic ECW surprise entrance with the lights going out? First, ensure that you and your opponent are in the ring. Press R2 + Triangle. This will cause the lights to go out and cause you to appear behind your foe for an advantage.
  • Charged Fury: First, activate the Charged Fury timer. Hold Square to charge a strike and then press Square again to unleash it against an opponent.
  • Electrifying: To increase the regeneration rate of momentum, hold R2 and press Triangle.
  • Finisher: To earn a finisher, hold R2 and Triangle. Only one can be “earned” during a match though.
  • Fortify: To increase your damage and weight with a barrier, hold R2 and press Triangle.
  • Hands of Fate: Underworld minions (seriously) will emerge and grab your opponent after holding R2 and pressing Triangle.
  • Low Blow: First, ensure the Dirty Move timer is active. Press R2 and Triangle to hit a Low Blow.
  • Move Thief: To use your opponent’s moves on them, press R2 + Triangle.
  • Poison Mist: Enable the Dirty Move timer. Wait for the right opportunity – since there’s a chance of disqualification – and press R2 + Triangle to spray Poison Mist in an opponent’s face.
  • Power of the Punch: Punch your opponent with Brass Knuckles at the risk of getting disqualified by first activating the Dirty Move timer and then pressing R2 + Triangle.
  • Resiliency: When caught in a pin, elimination situation or submission, press R2 + Triangle to escape.
  • Run-In: If you’re down and need help, hold R2 and press Triangle to call in backup. This can only be used in 1v1 matches and only when you’re inside the ring.
  • Rush: Use Rush to take away an opponent’s finisher. First press R2 + Triangle to activate it. Then hold L2 to attack them – do this successfully and their finisher will be gone.
  • Tank Buff: To gain increased defense but reduced mobility, hold R2 and press Triangle.

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