WWE 2K23 Guide – How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

Visual Concepts' yearly grappling simulator is back and bigger than ever. Here's how to get every single Achievement and Trophy.

Posted By | On 24th, Mar. 2023

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Continuing from last year’s resurgence, WWE 2K23 is a big game. All the usual modes like MyFACTION and MyGM are here with new content and options. However, a 2K Showcase focused on John Cena, two new stories in MyRISE, the new WarGames match type, and much more is available for fans to dive into. It makes getting all the Achievements/Trophies a lengthy process (but still fun).

Let’s check out how to unlock all the Trophies and Achievements in WWE 2K23.

How to Unlock All Trophies and Achievements

Basic Thuganomics

This year’s 2K Showcase is about John Cena and the opponents who have bested him through the years. Each match has different objectives to complete, which mirrors the real-life match. This Achievement/Trophy is unlocked by completing one objective in Showcase Mode. It can be done early in the Rob Van Dam match. Just deal enough damage to fill the meter on the first objective.


Unlocked by winning one match in Showcase Mode. Again, easy to get. Just make sure you don’t lose.

Word Life

This one can be a bit trickier since it involves completing all objectives in a single Showcase Mode match. Some matches have 14 to 15 objectives and can take longer to complete. Thus, the key is to choose a match with fewer overall objectives and things to do. Kurt Angle vs John Cena on Smackdown in 2002 (Cena’s debut on the roster) or The Undertaker vs John Cena at Wrestlemania 34 should do the trick. Each match only has nine objectives to complete, and they’re relatively short.

You Can’t See Me!

The most hilarious match in Showcase Mode is “Didn’t See That Coming” where the player faces Super Cena. Based on a meme about how overpowered John Cena was in his prime, Super Cena has a perfect 100 rating and is also invisible (but still wearing clothes, which is even funnier). It’s your job to beat him, although you can choose the opponent. Go with Roman Reigns, who has a 99 rating, and defeat Super Cena to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.


Unlocked by winning all matches in Showcase Mode.


Unlocked by completing all objectives across all matches in Showcase Mode. With 17 matches in total and since some have up to 15 objectives, it’s more of a time investment than anything else. Play through each match once and learn their requirements to complete the objectives without much trouble.

Battle of Rivals

Unlocked by selecting a rival’s Action in Universe Mode (whether it’s Classic or Superstar Mode). Go to the Rivalry Menu to set their action.

The Final Move

Unlocked by selecting a rival’s outcome for a Premium Live Event in Universe Mode. Once again, it’s done through the Rivalry Menu.

Step into the Battle

In Universe Mode, enter your first rivalry to unlock this Achievement/Trophy. It’s only possible in Superstar Mode.

The Irresistible Force

During a rivalry in Universe Mode (Superstar Mode only), you need to have at least 50 Momentum at any point during a rivalry to get this Achievement/Trophy.

To the Winner go the Spoils

When in a rivalry in Superstar Mode within Universe Mode, choose the outcome and win the finale match at a Premium Live Event to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

Breathe Easy

To unlock this, you must win a match without completely exhausting your Stamina. The best way to do this is by going into Play Mode vs AI and setting the difficulty to Easy. You can also set individual sliders for the AI like reversal rate, breaker rate, dodge rate and much more, to make things easier.

Paid in Full

Winning a match after using both assigned Payback abilities unlocks this Trophy/Achievement. To use Payback moves, you must set Mid-Match Run-In to Payback in Play Mode vs AI. Once you have enough Momentum, you can call another wrestler to provide a distraction.

Alternatively, turn DQs off and set Payback to Poison Mist and Comeback. Use weapons to refill the Payback meter, use both on the opponent and then pin them.

Unfinished Business

Remember in 2019 when Brock Lesnar beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship in a near-instant on Smackdown, despite the latter being built up over months? It was quite a shock at the time, but WWE 2K23 offers the chance for some payback. In Play Mode vs AI, face Brock Lesnar on Legend difficulty as Kofi Kingston . Defeat him to unlock this Achievement/Trophy.

The New and Vicious WarGames

WarGames is the newest, team-based mode, and features a double ring surrounded by a Steel Cage. There’s a 3v3 and 4v4 format, with two competitors starting in the ring, and others entering at timed intervals. Based on a coin flip beforehand, one team member will enter first, turning the match into a 2v1 before the odds are evened. To get this Trophy/Achievement, you must win a 4v4 WarGames match on Legendary difficulty while your team has the disadvantage. You can do this in Play Mode vs AI.

Nope, Not a Fluke

Win a 1v1 match with a Leverage Pin on Normal difficulty or higher. Go into Play Mode vs AI to achieve this.

Pillage and Plunder

During a WarGames match, you can bring weapons into the cage to even the odds. This Trophy/Achievement is unlocked when introducing three weapons into the match and winning. Pair this with The New and Vicious WarGames Trophy/Achievement to get them both.

Nerves of Steel

Legendary difficulty is no joke, and along with handling near-flawless opponents, you have to perform under pressure. Kicking out of three high-intensity pins in a Play Mode vs AI match on Legend difficulty will unlock this Trophy/Achievement. Avoid any matches where you need to win when working towards this.

One’s All You Get

Unlocked in Play Mode vs AI by winning a match on Legend difficulty without giving up a two-count pin to your opponent. When starting the match, go into Match Options and set your starting Finishers to three and default health to Low. Spam finishers and pin your opponent quickly to win and earn the Trophy/Achievement.

Stacked Like Cordwood

Among John Cena’s most impressive feats of strength is picking up two competitors simultaneously and using his Attitude Adjustment Finisher on both. In Play Mode vs AI, play as Cena and replicate this feat to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

A Stunning Achievement

Unlocked by winning a match on Legend difficulty without getting stunned. You can do this in Play Mode vs AI, particularly when trying to get the Unfinished Business Trophy/Achievement.

The Ring is Sacred

Make Gunther proud by winning a 1v1 match (no gimmicks) in Play Mode vs AI on Legend difficulty without manually exiting the ring.

A New Head of the Table

In Play Mode vs AI, defeat Roman Reigns on Legend difficulty in a 1v1 match without Paybacks. It doesn’t necessarily mean Reigns won’t use them, so prepare for any interference.

Teacher’s Pet

In the Tutorial, complete all the objectives to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

A Natural Heel

In a regular 1v1 match in Play Mode vs AI, use a Dirty Move Payback without getting DQ’ed. Bring a chair into the ring and then leave it on the mat. When the referee tries to take it, perform a Dirty Move Payback without him seeing to unlock this.

Faction Wars Champion

In MyFACTION mode, win 100 Faction Wars matches.

Briefcase Winner

Win a Faction Wars match in MyFACTION mode, and you can open a briefcase. Get a Tier 1 reward to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Loyalty Confirmed

When entering MyFACTION, you’ll receive a daily login reward. Do this for five days, and you’ll receive the Loyalty Reward for the week, which unlocks this Trophy/Achievement in turn.

Taste of Victory

This one is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is win a match in MyFACTION.

A Promising Start

Complete a Lifetime Challenge in MyFACTION to unlock this. Go for something easy like Win Faction Wars with 4 Strikers, Open 5 Packs, etc.

Journey of a Lifetime

Unlocked by completing 15 Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION.

A Good Start

In MyFACTION, complete a Proving Grounds Tower to unlock this.

Weekly Winner

Complete a Weekly Tower in MyFACTION for this Trophy/Achievement.

Daily Progress

In MyFACTION, complete a Daily Challenge to get this Trophy/Achievement.

Chapter and Verse

Finish a Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION to unlock this.

Champion For A Day

Complete all three Daily Challenges in a day for MyFACTION.

Never Felt More A-LIVE

In MyFACTION, win ten LIVE Events to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Beginner’s Luck

Finish all of the Intro Challenges in MyFACTION.

Future Endeavored: The Lock

This year’s MyRISE mode has two new stories – The Legacy (with a female Superstar) and The Lock (with a male Superstar). To earn this Achievement/Trophy in The Lock, you need to call out WWE Management.

Stole the Show: The Lock

Unlocked by stealing the NXT UK Championship and Heritage Cup in The Lock. It’s based on storyline progress, so play through enough of the mode to get it.

Apex Competitor: The Lock

Compete in the Apex Tournament to get this Trophy/Achievement. This Achievement/Trophy is unmissable.

Leader of the Pack: The Lock

Unlocked by selecting a faction in MyRISE’s The Lock.

Business Just Picked Up: The Lock

If you join The Hurt Business in The Lock, you’ll get this Trophy/Achievement.

Evolution Revolution: The Lock

When deciding which faction to join, going with Evolution will unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

Here to Stay: The Lock

Finish The Lock story in MyRISE mode.

Honorary Uce: The Lock

Can you convince Roman Reigns to join your faction in MyRISE’s The Lock? If so, you get this Trophy/Achievement.

Choice and Consequences: The Legacy

In the Main Event Match of The Legacy in MyRISE, make a choice. This Achievement/Trophy is unmissable.

A Briefcase Built for Two: The Legacy

Win the Tag Team Money in the Bank Briefcase in MyRISE’s The Legacy to unlock this.

A Lasting Legacy: The Legacy

Complete MyRISE’s The Legacy.

Unbreakable Bond: The Legacy

In The Legacy for MyRISE mode, don’t betray your tag team partner to unlock this.

Dropped the Baggage: The Legacy

Betray your tag team partner in MyRISE’s The Legacy.

Smack to the Future: The Legacy

In The Legacy for MyRISE mode, choose to team with Bianca for this Achievement/Trophy.

Blast from the Past: The Legacy

In The Legacy for MyRISE mode, form a team with Molly for this Achievement/Trophy.

Fit for a Queen: The Legacy

Win the Queen’s Crown Tournament to unlock this.

A Lock and A Legend

Complete both The Lock and The Legacy stories in MyRISE.

Fatal 4-Way

To unlock this Trophy/Achievement, you must complete a Season in MyGM mode with four active brands.


In a single season of MyGM, you must book every match type possible, which can take some time due to the number of match types.

Pump Up the Slam

In MyGM mode, earn ten different Slammies to get this.

Brand Management

To get this Achievement/Trophy, you must win a season with each brand in MyGM mode.

On Top of the Mountain(s)

After three full Seasons in MyGM mode, finish first in the ratings to unlock this.

That’s Random

When creating a custom Superstar, hit the Random button to make a head item, body and attire color. You can do this in the Create a Superstar screen (the one with the Face, Body, Attire and other attributes), and press R3/RS to randomize everything.

Here Comes the BOOM!

Create a custom entrance with custom pyro. Unfortunately, the Trophy/Achievement seems to be bugged, so you’ll need to wait for a fix.

I Made This

This one is straightforward enough. First, create an image in “Create an image.” Use this image when creating an item to unlock this Trophy/Achievement.

All Trophies Earned

On the PS4/PS5 version of the game, earn all Trophies to get the Platinum Trophy.

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