Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound: The Main Character Is Really The Dragon

That’s not to say Drew will be sidelined, though.

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Now that we have all had a chance to see and process Hideki Kamiya’s Scalebound, the Xbox One exclusive that he is working on with his studio Platinum, Kamiya feels free to talk and tell us more about it. Which is why he tells us so much about how the game will work in this new interview that he had with AusGamer.

“In terms of customization, the main character is really the dragon,” Kamiya says. “Drew will have different weapon varieties and maybe shields, but in terms of your investment as far as customisation goes, that’s going to be Thuban. So whether it’s the armour or the dragon skin, that’s going to be Thuban and it goes back to the gems [and] the more gems you collect. So it’s really up to you how you want to use them [in customizing the dragon].”

It sounds like a highly intelligent spin on the regular role playing game model that we have come to expect in the wake of the success of Skyrim, but it’s actually not just being different for the sake of it. It has a narrative reason, which has everything to do with the main character Drew, who Kamiya promises will not be sidelined.

“Drew is a very important character to me,“ Kamiya interjects. “And to the story. He’s been transported from our Earth; our modern world into this… to him, thisunrecognisable world of Draconis. So in order to stay true to who Drew is, from our world, he needs to be properly represented and we need to keep true to his character, so in that sense I feel the customization needs to go into the dragon.”

Personally, Kamiya-san, you have enough of my trust that I will blindly go with whatever mechanics you may have planned. Just let me play Scalebound sooner rather than later.

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